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One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. —English Novelist Michael Korda As my second term comes to a conclusion and we turn our attention to our 89th administrative year, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Brotherhood for affording me this truly unique experience. It is with great admi- Nicholas A. Karacostas ration that I reflect upon the Order’s hard work and dedication to community and public service that I was so fortunate to witness during my travels the past several years. I sensed a tremendous amount of momentum in the community sparked by enthusiasm for our mission that has been building for several years now. As Korda concisely, yet eloquently states, one way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals. I believe the Order of AHEPA has demonstrated this quality all throughout its venerable history. In essence, it has been the secret to our success. Were our immigrant forebears content only with triumphing over bigotry and discrimination? Or becoming a leading fundraiser of War Bonds during WWII? Or building healthcare facilities in post-war Greece? Clearly, the answer was “no.” And what about recent generations of Ahepans? Were they satisfied with being the leading ethnic community to contribute to the restoration of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? Or being the first to send young Greek Americans to study abroad in Greece? Or being the largest provider of housing for senior citizens in the country? Again, the answer is a resounding “no.” Therefore, where do we stand as contemporary Ahepans? American Poet Bryant McGill stated, “Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.” If one replaces “human soul and mind” with AHEPA’s mission (in my opinion the pursuit of AHEPA’s mission moves the soul and mind), then I believe we must see if enthusiasm is present in our Order. To me, this is simple to demonstrate. I have seen enthusiasm in the actions of Brothers who have answered the call to help victims of natural disasters, who have fostered scholarship opportunities for younger generations, who have helped feed the less fortunate, and who have memorialized our fallen heroes. In recent years, I have seen enthusiasm span across geographic boundaries: aiding victims of Greece’s wildfires, fulfilling a $250,000 pledge to the Montreal Shriners Hospital, and leading to the establishment of chapters in Puerto Rico and Istanbul. Finally, I have seen enthusiasm embodied in AHEPA family leaders who joined me on a trailblazing and history-making excursion—most notably to Jerusalem. In June, our organization received The 2011 Gabby Award for “Promotion of Hellenism,” an honor bestowed by the broader Hellenic community via electronic voting. It is further evidence that AHEPA is on the right track and that indeed we have generated the necessary enthusiasm that builds momentum. We are only a little over a decade away from celebrating our 100th year of existence. Will we have the enthusiasm that generates the momentum to take us to even greater heights—or constantly greater goals—by 2022 and beyond? I can state with confidence we will. Let’s keep the momentum—and AHEPA—moving forward.


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The AHEPAN - July 2011

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