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Membership Triples as Result of New Initiative
Throughout my membership in the Sons of Pericles I had the opportunity to give back in several ways. The opportunity to proudly serve as Supreme President and as a Supreme Lodge member for the past few years has been just one of those ways. In the big picture, my tenure may have been small, but any progress that we made together will continue the positive direction of the Order and its overall goals. In May, I accompanied Supreme President Nick Karacostas, AHEPA Executive Director Basil Mossaidis, and several District 1 Ahepans on a visitation to an area of Alabama that was devastated by the recent tornados. We assisted in handing out water bottles and other donated items to several families and donation centers. A few bottles of water or other donated items may not sound like a lot, but for someone who has been affected by a traumatic event; this act of kindness goes a long way and will be remembered forever. I know this from personal experience when my family was impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The workers who helped us with the clean-up process and the support from family and friends got us through a difficult situation. Their acts of kindness will always be remembered. As we prepare for an event-filled Supreme Convention, I think it is important to remember what the real purpose of the AHEPA family is. We need to keep in mind that our organizations were formed to create a closer bond among everyone in the Greek American community in order Spiro Nicolopoulos to preserve our heritage for future generations. Offer a hand of support to a person, family, or organization in the community and know that what you are doing, regardless of the scale, will have a positive impact. I look forward to seeing everyone in Miami!

Waterbury Hall of Fame Dinner a Success

Boston SOP’s 4th Annual Red Sox Outing

The Honorable George P. Harlamon, former mayor of Waterbury, Conn., was honored for his T and to the —T of Waterbury at the 4th ericleS longtime service to the Holy Trinity Communityhe Pericleancityhe Voice of The SonS of PAnnual Sons of Pericles Hall of Fame Dinner at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Waterbury, on Membership Triples as Result of New Initiative March 26, 2011. Mayor Harlamon became an Honorary Member of the Sons of Pericles. SOP The Sons was successfully spearheaded Past Supreme President Rick As 2010 comes to a close, the Sons of with the organization’s LifetimeofPin. Pecka presented him initiative Advisor, Chris Economides, Jr., by our PericlesSupreme National at the Pericles continued the growth that it has gained will Convention. few years. Almost our The former mayor was aover the pastover the past year, newtriplinghave 2010 National andwehe was a veryLodge Newbringmember of lifelong resident of Waterbury, ahead, plan to continue to inactive the Year Looking membership Sons with even more strive toward achieving the goals of our been introduced into thethe all across the Council for more than 30 years and as parish Order Parish the Holy Trinity Community,country in places on as: Montreal, Canada; Order (promoting Hellenism, Education, momentum and serving such Responsibility, Chicago, Gainesville, Florida; Upper Darby, council president. Also, Mayor Harlamon was an just Philanthropy, Civicvariety of events. Some enthusiasm than Spiro Nicolopoulos The 4th Annual Red Sox Outing was a treAHEPA Life Member. Heand we ended with served as President of Athletics) through a Pennsylvania; and Bridgeport, Connecticut; events essay to name a few. the Board of Alderman before initiative This new growth is the result of of theseNationalinclude, anregionalcontest, our in 2010. We areto the success of our Order and mendous success. It was held May 7, 2011. fully committed annual Project, basketball a new in our Order and AHEPA where The Sons are in our local new the ages fourteen to he became mayor in 1968. members between to join atofno cost and tournaments, and volunteering of our events the AHEPA family.but we are of Pericles and the The pre-game BBQ provided an opportunity future of AHEPA, here now we communities. Details about all seventeen are allowed for fellowship and great food that included need support from the AHEPA family to ensure and accomplishments can be found on our members eighteen and up obtain dual memberHarlamon graduated from in the Sons of Pericles and AHEPA. This website ( Cypriot sausages. A raffle drawing was held. the success of AHEPA in the future. ship Fordham University with honFirst prize was two free tickets to next year’s outing, second prize was a Red Sox memoraors and received his MBA from District 8 Basketball Tournament SOP Halloween Fun for bilia gift basket, and third prize was a smaller the University of Connecticut.Jason Vergados, SOP Chapter 27 President the Community gift basket and a CD/DVD combo of the latest By He was a sergeant in the U.S.With no more than 2 / months of planning, the Boston SOP successfully organized By Jimmy Googas, Greek music donated from SOP Chapter 44 President After the game, the group enjoyed an evening a District 8 basketball tournament. On the 22-24, Army in World War II and our brother chapter from Waterbury,weekend of October for the six local teams and Conn., competed championship of bowling and billiards. Pictured are (l-r) are Steven Gagas, George Tinios, John Ververis, Chapter spot. local teams to represent served with distinction in the The sixPeabody, Lynnwere comprisedWorcester. the cities and towns of Boston, This year’s event was different from Roslindale, and two from President, Manolis Sfinarolakis, SOP Supreme Vice President, Hon. George The games were played at Lynn’s Philippines. previous ones. First, a few members of the P. Harlamon, Dean Tzepos, George Greek Orthodox George Karolides, Raymond St. Bobby Tzepos, Church, the newly established Sons of Pericles Chapter Niko Harry Agganis Tony Glynos, This Sons of Pericles Hall Albini, Andrew Kotsaftis, home of Kotsaftis, and the Agganis Ari Tinios, Jamie Basketball Tournament which boasts from Montreal attended the outing. Second, Velezis and Rick Pecka, SOP Past 15 teams from President. more than Supreme across the of Fame induction is not the prior to the pregame BBQ, the Worcester, country. As a result of the tournament, Albany our chapter posted a healthy first for Harlamon. In recognition of his service to the City of Waterbury, profit;the his civic23involvementSons and Mass. Maids of Athena Chapter was reinstated anda On October and 24, theHouse at Sons carried out their annual Haunted the percentage of which will be given to Maids Halloween Party for the children of our SOP National Project. I can confidently on many boards of directors, he was elected to the Waterburybrought inof Fame community. More than 130way to give back and new members initiated. They also joined Hall more than This free event was a great people attended. in 2003. say that we have to the community. the outing. Both groups are evidence of the 40 new members to the Boston Chapter. There is also potential for a block of these new Unfortunately, Mayor Harlamon passed awaychapter in 14, 2011. He will be missed by the entire May Worcester, Mass. members to break-off and create a new growth and sustainability of a successful ongoing community building initiative. Waterbury community.
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Ages 18 –27 $40 as Dual Members of AHEPA and SOP

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