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Daughters of PeneloPe Great Thoughts and Great Deeds Come from the Heart By Daughters of Penelope Grand President Nicky Stamoulis t is an honor and a privilege to be serving as the new Grand President of the Daughters of Penelope, representing the thousands of women in this organization— the “Heartbeats of the Daughters of Penelope.” I extend my sincerest thanks to the delegates who attended the Supreme Convention in Miami for their support and confidence in me. I look forward to working together with our energetic Grand Lodge officers and all our dedicated and hardworking Sisters as we continue implementing our existing programs and start new ones. I feel the interaction and collaboration with our Brother Ahepans, the Maids of Athena, and the Sons of Pericles is also essential as we remain committed to our mission and goals. Together we can get things done. I Nicky Stamoulis My theme again this year will be “You are the Heartbeat of the Daughters of Penelope” because I truly believe that each and every member of our organization is crucial and provides the strength and vitality needed to assure continued growth and success. Our mission statement embodies who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. We are the past, the present and tomorrow. We need to work in the present to ensure our future. Therefore this year I selected three goals to work on. My first goal is to Go Green as much as possible. This year, the Grand Lodge Manual and the District Governors Manuals and all other presentations will be on a DVD. That will save thousands of pieces of paper now and each year in the future. We need to take care of our environment today for a better tomorrow. My second goal is related to the first, and it is communication. We already have 5,000 email addresses in our database. That makes communication and dissemination of information more effective. More members receive information faster. We can connect with each other the Green Way. My goal is to increase that number to about 7,000. My third goal is to support and promote child advocacy. As we continue to support victims of domestic violence, I would like us to take on another challenge this year. I have been an educator for 38 years. It breaks my heart each time I hear it, the horrific abuse that some children suffer. The children who have no one to turn to, the children who suffer in silence. One form of child advocacy happens at the policy level and aims at changing the policies of governments or even transnational policies. We can influence government policy through effective communication with our elected officials, the media and other influential leaders. Let’s be child advocates. Let’s keep our children safe today for a better tomorrow. Let’s continue to work together to make our world a better place for the future! Fall 2011 the ahepan

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The AHEPAN - Fall 2011
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The AHEPAN - Fall 2011