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housiNg Senior Housing Goes Green: South Bend Daughters Await Completion of Project All Housing Articles by George Anagnostos, PSS Daughters of Penelope Gaia Chapter 60 is eagerly awaiting the completion of its 50-unit elderly housing project in Mishawaka, Ind., that will feature a “green” GeoExchange system. Board President Angela Magrames reports that the completion is on track for late June and the rent-up of the apartments began in March. The grant for the $5.8 million building which is set on four acres next to a shopping center, with a sidewalk to the parking lot of the grocery store, was provided in the FY2010 HUD 202 program. The building will contain 43,416 sq. footage of space in a prairie style, three story building with a balcony over the entrance, an open atrium up to the second floor, fitness room, fire place lounge, gazebo, wrap around patio, laundry room, and two community rooms with full kitchens and lounge areas. A sidewalk will circle the entire four acres of land by the ponds with the fountains. The end units are single units with no other units above them or on any side. The second story end units only have neighbors below them. There will be three handicap units and one for sensory impaired. The geothermal system was in the design by the architect firm of Berardi and Partners when application was made. The GeoExchange The cooling tower with system which was filters and vents. installed uses the earth’s renewable energy, just below the surface, to heat or cool and to provide domestic hot water. The earth’s temperature remains fairly constant year-round. A heat pump concentrates the thermal energy and transfers it to the interior space. In the summer, the process is reversed and heat is removed from the interior to the earth. There is ground loop piping to circulate the fluid for heat in or out. The heat pumps electric demand is lowered by about 1 kW per ton capacity. There are no on-site emissions and these systems provide savings of 30-70% in heating and 20-50% in cooling costs. The water will circulate 24/7 and each unit has its own water heater. All the pipes are plastic and color coded. Green insulation was used (it really is green in Top: Artists rendering of the property of Penelope 60 Apartments Above: Diagram of the GeoExchange system for the apartments decorative brick allowing air flow through color), the windows are high energy, and the carpeting is green rated. The rooms will have wireless emergency call buttons instead of pull-cord types. The residents will be using swipe cards for entry vice keys. The Board of Directors decided to make it a total non-smoking facility. The city has been a great help and is putting in sidewalks north and south of the property. A picture of the property was displayed in the mayor’s State of the City address, and free publicity appeared in the South Bend Tribune. This property represents the first effort in the GeoExchange system use for ANHC properties and foretells of the future for energy saving. In addition to Angela, other Board members include: J. Magrames, VP; B. Schermer, sec.; N. Krzyzewski, treas.; and directors K. Borkowski, S. Mercantini, T. Poledor, N. Stangas, C. Mudis, P. Rogers. M. Syson, K. Verhamme and D. Manolopoulos, pres. AHEPA 78 Apartments. Spring 2012 the ahepan 23

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