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Message From Dr. John Grossomanides AHEPA Supreme President Our Recent expansion Speaks Volumes about Our mission I deeply appreciate the opportunity afforded me by the delegates of the 90th Supreme Convention to serve a second term as your Supreme President. We had an extremely successful year thanks to the backing of a dedicated Supreme Lodge and Board of Trustees, and of course, our invaluable members. I look forward to leading AHEPA to greater heights during our historic 90th year. Indeed, I am humbled and honored to serve a second term. Throughout my travels in the AHEPA Domain, the importance of growing and Dr. John Grossomanides sustaining our membership numbers is a theme I try to emphasize. Together, we must work diligently to achieve greater, more ambitious goals with our membership program that will set AHEPA apart from all other organizations. I liken it to what distinguishes a very good athlete from a Hall of Fame caliber athlete. Only through a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to one’s craft can an athlete achieve such an elite level. We must have the same approach to growing our membership program especially as our year-end deadline nears. The start to our administrative year could not be any better in this regard. Following the Supreme Convention, several Ahepans joined me on a visitation in August to reactivate our chapter in Anchorage, Alaska. We could not have welcomed into our Order a more dedicated group of Greek Americans and their community work in “The Last Frontier” is truly inspirational. In fact, AHEPA’s recent expansion into our nation’s 49th and 50th states (Hawaii in December 2011) is exciting because it demonstrates the vibrancy of the Greek American community—and an embrace of AHEPA’s mission—from sea to shining sea. Moreover, AHEPA’s expansion into parts of Europe, England and Bulgaria, is cause for further optimism. I am also thrilled with the level of enthusiasm displayed by the leaders who participated at our District Governors Conference. The Supreme Lodge has tasked our district governors with tremendous responsibility when it comes to overseeing the “keystones” of our organization—our districts. Part of this responsibility involves managing membership development within the districts. The Supreme Lodge has provided our district governors with the tools they need to succeed, but I am also asking our chapters’ leadership and our Brothers to assist with this process by keeping the lines of communication open with our district governors. Invite your district leaders to your chapter initiations or ask them for guidance if you are facing difficulties. They are here to help. And I am here to help. My pledge is to continue with the visitation program which began in my last administration in the effort to support each district’s effort to grow our membership numbers. Also, if you have a family member, business colleague, or friend who would make an upstanding Ahepan, please invite him to a chapter or district outing. Our founding is noble. Our mission is worthy and broad in scope, which allows us to welcome men into our Order with diverse interests and talents—in philanthropy, education, athletics, civics, and so much more. Let’s share our mission with them and refrain from keeping AHEPA the best kept secret in the community. 4 The AhepAN Summer/Fall 2012

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The AHEPAN - Summer/Fall 2012