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Ahepa Family News AHEPA Raises $150,000 to Help Feed People of Greece AHEPA has raised $150,000 from its humanitarian campaign to help the people of Greece, announced Supreme President Dr. John Grossomanides. “AHEPA has identified making $10,000 donations each month until the $150,000 is exhausted to Apostoli Mission as the most effective way to provide assistance to the people of Greece,” Dr. Grossomanides said. To date, AHEPA has contributed an initial $7,500 donation in April, a $10,000 donation in May, and $30,000 in July during the Supreme Convention, (totaling $47,500) to Apostoli Mission. The Daughters of Penelope also donated $11,000 to Apostoli Mission at the Supreme Convention. Moreover, an additional $10,000 donation was presented at the District Governors Conference in September to the District 25 Governor. Each $10,000 donation to Apostoli Mission provides the means to prepare 500 food packages for families in need. “It is important to note that these food packages contain dry food and goods to a family that lasts for up to 20 days,” Dr. Grossomanides said. “For example, a food package will contain sugar, flour, pasta, canned goods, and oil. Some packages may contain specific goods for specific needs, for example, powdered baby formula and diapers.” The funds were raised through the efforts of AHEPA family chapters throughout the globe. Many chapters find creative ways to raise the funds through events they hold in the community. AHEPA formally embarked on this international campaign February 11, 2012. It should also be noted that AHEPA through its 14 chapters in Greece has contributed significant human resources in the form of volunteer efforts or local charitable giving to help their local communities. On a separate initiative to help the people Apostoli Mission Executive Director Constantinos Dimtsas affixes an AHEPA sticker to a food aid package donated by AHEPA for a family in need. Apostoli Mission Executive Director Constantinos Dimtsas (center) receives one $10,000 donation installment from then AHEPA Supreme Treasurer Andy Zachariades (right) and AHEPA District 25 (Greece) Governor Nicholas C. Papadopoulos. of Greece, AHEPA has secured a shipping container by providing the funding. The shipping container has been filled with relief goods from the IOCC. AHEPA has undertaken initiatives to help the people of Greece since its founding in 1922. For example, following World War II, seven AHEPA Health Centers became operable, including the AHEPA Wing of the Evangelismos Hospital. In 1951, the AHEPA Hospital at Thessaloniki was dedicated. More recently, AHEPA raised $229,000 for victims of the Athens earthquake, September 7, 1999. The funds went toward purchasing sonar detection equipment, an ambulance at Evangelismos Hopsital, and toward restoration of a day care facility in Menidi; and in 2007-08, AHEPA transported 270 Care Packages totaling $250,000 worth of goods, and raised an additional $250,000 in financial assistance for Greece’s Wildfires Victims. “AHEPA will always be at the ready to assist Greece and its people,” Dr. Grossomanides said. Summer/Fall 2012 The AhepAN 7

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