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HOUSING Alternatives Emerge with Federal Changes to HUD 202 Program By George Anagnostos, PSS Projects being developed by chapters and cosponsored by ANHC continue to decline with the change in the HUD 202 housing for elderly program. ANHC is looking to possible purchases of existing 202 program properties and financing utilizing tax credit augmentation. Currently there are projects under construction in Tallmadge, Ohio, by Chapter 63, Akron; Citronelle, Ala. by Mobile Chapter 310, its 13th; and Daughters Chapter 54, its second in Houston. New Orleans chapter 133 has had numerous setbacks with property acquisition and legal concerns, and, following zoning Board and HUD approvals, it may become a reality at last. Tallmadge is utilizing tax credits to augment funding availability and completion is scheduled in May. Citronelle is also utilizing tax credits and has begun construction. The Daughters have gone through the Initial Closing in January and is now under construction. Other older properties eligible for refinancing of their mortgages are considering or utilizing the procedure. A53-II, St. Louis, Mo. and A245-I, Newport, R.I. have completed their rehabilitation schedules. Newport is currently planning for the second Phase expansion of the community room. Properties 310-III and IV, Mobile, and A110-I, Norwich, Conn., are nearing completion of the first Phase. A232-I and II, Indianapolis, is evaluating tax credits, AMC Quality Assurance Program on Track to Reach First-year Goal The AHEPA Management C o m p a n y (AMC) recognized a need, created a service to answer that need, and is exceeding its productivity goals in the process. The company’s Quality Assurance Services program was created to help the Service Coordination industry, and within the first six months has reached 60% of its annual goal for securing contracts. A property management company which specializes in subsidized housing including Section 202 senior or Section 8 multi-family properties, AMC has been nationally recognized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for its superior Service Coordination Program. When HUD recently began to place increased emphasis on third party quality assurance reviews for service coordination programs, AMC Assistant Vice President Linda Duncan and AMC President/CEO Arthur Poly recognized that the company’s experience in meeting HUD compliance could be beneficial to other companies. In June of 2012, AMC opened its Quality Assurance Services division to work with existing Service Coordination (SC) programs nationwide. The structured Quality Assurance (QA) consulting program provides an outcome-based program which guides Service Coordinators in maintaining Home Loan Bank funding, and Indiana State funding assistance in order to begin rehabilitation of their properties. The AHEPA Management Co. has submitted bids on various properties available for sale but no bids have been accepted as of this time. A new development is being looked into. HUD is announcing the Assisted Living Conversion Program with available funding which may be advisable for current properties to incorporate into refinancing or as an individual option. a 100% HUD compliant program with one-on-one support, annual on-site QA Review, electronic file review, reporting procedures, video conferencing, and setting up systems to capture outcome data that can assist with program funding. Duncan commented on the success of the new program. “We knew that third party QA review was a need that many Service Coordination programs were lacking,” she said. “With new contracts in Indiana and Iowa we are well on track toward our goal to grow the program across the U.S.” Service Coordinators at AMC link people to services, benefits and resources in the community to help them maintain wellness, self-sufficiency and encourage an environment of opportunity. Duncan continued, “Service Spring 2013 · The AhepAn | 21

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