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Ahepa Family CHAPTER News HEADER District 1 BODY COPYLodge District 1 Mother In route to celebrate and install the new Golden Isles Chapter 541, Brunswick, Ga., Supreme President Dr. John Grossomanides also made chapter visitations to Plato Chapter 4, Charleston, S.C., and Solon Chapter 5, Savannah, Ga., during the weekend of Dec. 14 – 16, 2012. The hospitality of Chapter 4 President Dino Moskos, Chapter 5 President Andy Caparisos and their respective chapter brothers was superb. Past District 1 Governor John Dalis spearheaded the recruitment of members to establish Chapter 541, Brunswick, and Brother Dalis will serve as one of its new officers. Supreme Vice President Anthony Kouzounis, Supreme Governor Region 1 Dalton Respass and District 1 Governor Dan Kartanos accompanied the supreme president on his visitations. District 1 Secretary Ron Sprouse, Past District 1 Governor Patrick Garland and Prometheus Chapter 519 President Harry Kipreos, Marietta, Ga., traveled from the Atlanta area to attend the historic installation of Golden Isles Chapter 541. Brunswick, Georgia Charleston, South Carolina Savanah, Georgia District 1 AHEPA Chapter 242, Greenville, S.C. The chapter celebrated its 83rd anniversary by hosting a wonderful luncheon after church for the entire community. Also, Brother Chris Kapetanakos, Past District 1 Governor, received the Archangel Michael Award from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios. Parish Priest Fr. Tom Pistolis said, “Chris does not merely talk about helping others- he rolls up his sleeve and does it. His love for others inspires all/everyone around him, and this effort comes to fruition through the dedication of Chris and his co-workers and God’s blessing.” In acceptance, Brother Kapetanakos said, “Do more for other people than you do for yourself. This statement has been instilled in me from several different sources—my mother, my Church, and the Order of AHEPA.” Spring 2013 · The AhepAn | 25

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The AHEPAN - Spring 2013
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The AHEPAN - Spring 2013