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PERICLEAN Sons Experience a Successful Year By Sons of Pericles Supreme President Michael Michalopulos As the administrative year comes to an end, I cannot help but to look back with pride about the success the Sons of Pericles experienced. The organization expanded its membership reach and chapter totals, hosted numerous social and athletic events all around the continent, participated in Greek Independence Day parades, joined our brothers and sisters at many AHEPA family national and district events, and raised thousands of dollars for our National Project, Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA). A stellar team and collaborative effort from the entire Order led to these successes. The organization’s athletic highlights include: HUB Chapter 27, Boston, annual basketball tournament, Solon Chapter 61, Waterbury, Conn. dodge ball tournament, and participation at several athletic tournaments, including: the AHEPA National Bowling Tournament, the AHEPA Bone Marrow Basketball Tournament in Chicago, local recreational leagues, the Greeks in LA West Coast Basketball Tournament, and the East Coast Basketball Tournament in New York. Additionally, the Sons of Pericles plans to expand its athletics program by hosting the Inaugural Sons of Pericles Golf Tournament in September and a softball tournament in October. Overall, SOP members enjoy the competition that AHEPA and Sons of Pericles athletic events provide and participate at them with great pride. In order to fulfill the Sons of Pericles’ 22 | The AhepAn · Summer 2013 philanthropic goals, many chapters turned to brotherhood events as a way to fundraise for FARA. Between Solon Chapter 61’s and Chicago Ypsilanti Chapter 22’s Hall of Fame dinners honoring Ahepans, the Dallas chapter’s cookout and BBQ, the Montreal chapter’s poker tournament, Boston’s New Years Eve party, the annual Albany Valentine’s Dance, raffle tickets being sold nationwide, and a national Casino Night, we are steadily moving toward our goal of donating $25,000 to the National Project in conjunction with the Maids of Athena. In addition to our National Project campaign, many Sons of Pericles chapters have adopted local charities to support as well. Chapters have donated food and clothes to Greece, sponsored orphans, volunteered at their churches and Greek Festivals, and found many other ways to donate their time and efforts for the sake of others. It is evident Sons of Pericles members strive to give back to the community and uphold the Order’s core pillar of philanthropy. In addition to our active members, numerous Ahepans, Daughters, and Maids have reached out to the Sons of Pericles to lend a helping hand. The Sons of Pericles has received leads for new chapters, support for our National Project, and invaluable guidance, and the organization is grateful for everyone’s assistance. With help during the past few years, it has been a truly remarkable journey—one that has seen the Sons increase its membership fourfold and raise more than $35,000 for various philanthropic causes. I encourage this steadfast support to be continued. It will keep the Sons of Pericles’ momentum going strong to the benefit of the entire AHEPA Family. In fact, SOP chapters have many great events and fundraisers already planned for the next administrative year. Finally, I would like to convey how the Sons of Pericles is making a serious push to collaborate more with the entire AHEPA Family on local, district, and national levels. Many events have been organized to cater to the whole family—not just Sons members. For example, the Sons has worked closely with the Maids of Athena Grand Lodge to benefit each other and grow closer together. Moreover, many philanthropic events were held with the idea in mind to foster camaraderie and interaction with Ahepans, Daughters, and Maids. Sons of Pericles members take pride in their role as the future of AHEPA, and we are excited to work with our Brothers and Sisters for the advancement of Hellenism. On behalf of the Sons of Pericles, thank you, again, for everyone’s support. I look forward to continue working closely with you for years to come. Proud to be a Son! New Sons of Pericles members from Dayton, Ohio gather after their initiation.

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The AHEPAN - Summer 2013
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The AHEPAN - Summer 2013