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Housing South Bend Daughters Dedicate their “Green” Property By George Anagnostos, PSS The traditional ribbon cutting for AHEPA/ D60 Apartments. From left: S. Stangas, dir.; B. Schermer, dir.; N. Kavadas, S. Gov., Reg.6; P. Frangos, S. Sec.; A. Kostarides, pres. ANHC; D. Wood, mayor, Mishawaka; A. Magrames, Bd. pres.; P. Rogers, dir.; M. Saros, pres., D60; K. Verhamme, dir.; N. Stratas, ANHC chair; M. Kochevar, Dist. 12 gov.; A. Poly, AMC, pres.; S. Merchantini, dir.; and C. Mudis, dir. The Daughters of appropriately named Gaia Chapter 60, South Bend, Ind., dedicated their 50-apartment “Green” property located in nearby Mishawaka, Ind. on October 26. Mishawaka is the name of the Indian princess of the local Potawatoni tribe to further relate to “Daughters.” Newcomers, upon entering the building through the main entrance doors, proceed to the spacious community room where they are greeted by a huge six by eight-foot banner hanging on the wall, featuring the beautiful profile of namesake Penelope. The building matches Penelope in beauty, functionality, wholesomeness and environmental utilization. The community room, as well as the entire building, is heated and cooled utilizing a GeoThermal system where the constant temperature of the earth is utilized through liquid transfer to provide heat in the winter and to cool, by reversing the procedure, in the summer. The system passed its test as more than 100 persons filled the community room and beyond to witness the official dedication of the building. The system also provides the hot-water Penelope greets folks who enter the community room. At the dedication plaque: ANHC Chairman Nick Stratas, left, D60 Bd. Pres. Angela Magrames and ANHC Pres. Angelo Kostarides. Entombed within the wall behind the plaque lies the Time Capsule. for the building and at each resident’s room. Board President Angela Magrames, the Mistress of Ceremonies, began the dedication ceremonies, proudly welcoming all to the culmination of their efforts to build this home for low-income elderly. First to give remarks was Ms. Barrett, representing U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-IN). Next Mishawaka Mayor David Wood, who lauded the Daughters for providing much-needed elderly housing and solicited more. Angela thanked him for his great assistance. Irene Kolozenski, District 12 lt. governor, and Matt Kochevar, District 12 governor, brought congratulations from the District, and Nick Kavadas, Supreme Governor of Region 6 added those of the region. Grand Governor Zone IV Jan Spanos, (representing Grand President Joanne Saltas, who had her connecting flight cancelled and was delayed) presented the Grand Lodge’s congratulations to Angela, her board and chapter members for the magnificent home they are providing the elderly and the 22 The AhepAN Winter 2012

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The AHEPAN - Winter 2012