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Message From Dr. John Grossomanides AHEPA Supreme President AhepA Responds to crises; establishes Foothold in Germany Happy New Year! As we embark upon a new year, and reflect upon what I hope was a joyous Christmas, let’s take significant time to remember that many members of the community—both in the United States and Greece—are dealing with tremendous adversity due to crisis. Words cannot begin to express how proud I am of how the AHEPA family has responded to help people who are in need. AHEPA is proving to be a vital resource for aid to those individuals and families who were impacted by Superstorm Sandy and Greece’s economic crisis. With regard to the former, I visited St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church, Toms River, New Jersey, where Supreme Governor Jimmy Kokotas and AHEPA Emergency Response Team member Asteris Fanikos helped me to deliver emergency goods for the community. Brothers Kokotas and Fanikos, and brothers from Trenton and Toms River, accompanied me to visit with first-responders from Silverton Township at the township’s firehouse and warehouse. These amazing people are doing yeoman’s work to help their communities recover and rebuild, and I was simply humbled to spend a day with them in an effort to provide assistance. Dr. John Grossomanides With regard to AHEPA’s ongoing humanitarian campaign to help feed the needy people of Greece, which is now almost a year-old campaign, I applaud and am inspired by the initiative undertaken by the AHEPA community of St. Louis (see page 17). To date, we have raised $232,000 for our Humanitarian Campaign for Greece, having donated $82,500 thus far. We continue to feed 500 families monthly, and we will continue to do so until our funds are exhausted. However, more work needs to be done on this humanitarian front. Many people are still in great need. I strongly encourage each and every chapter, and if possible, every member, to support both of our ongoing relief campaigns. To reinforce this important message, and to share my experiences, I maintain an ambitious visitation schedule having thus far visited 20 districts and 57 chapters in the AHEPA domain since the Supreme Convention which was held July 2012. It continues to be my goal to visit every AHEPA district. Most recently, I had the honor of presiding over AHEPA’s most recent international expansion with the establishment of a chapter in Berlin, Germany. My thanks go to District 25 Governor and International Committee member Nick Papadopoulos for his help to make this landmark moment a reality. It is truly rewarding to see AHEPA’s mission widely embraced around the globe. The brothers of Berlin Chapter are very enthusiastic, and we look forward to seeing AHEPA grow in Germany. Finally, we cannot forget another crucial aspect of our mission—Education. 2013 promises to be an exciting year because of the re-launch of AHEPA’s widely renowned and successful Journey to Greece Program for the youth. In addition, we must also work to build our national scholarship endowment. While we can take pride in the quality of all our scholarship recipients, we must continue to strive to grow the AHEPA National Educational Foundation so that a greater number of worthy students can benefit from an even larger endowment. 4 The AhepAN Winter 2012

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