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Ahepa Family News AHEPA Deeply Concerned about Rise of Extremism in Greece Establishment of Neo-Nazi Party Branch in NYC Strongly Denounced In September, Supreme President Dr. John Grossomanides issued a statement on the reported rise of extremism in Greece that has occurred this year and its established presence in the United States. The statement received international media placement, including in Kathimerini and the New York Times, and it was cited by New York state and local legislators at an October press conference in Queens about the issue. The September 24, 2012 statement read: “The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, founded ninety years ago to protect and guard individuals from the evils of bigotry and discrimination in the United States, is deeply concerned about the rise of extremism in Greece as reported by several prominent Greek media outlets in recent months. “In fact, the rise of extremism has drawn the attention of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who stated she was worried about ‘violent xenophobic attacks’ upon migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. Paramilitary-like tactics perpetrated upon any individuals of a free society is alarming. “We furthermore strongly denounce and reject resoundingly the establishment of a branch of the Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, in New York City. Fascism has no place in the United States, whose citizens, including many Greek Americans and Ahepans, fought and sacrificed to defeat Fascism in Nazioccupied Greece during World War Two. “We understand this is a difficult time for Greece and its people as austere economic measures and severe public sector reforms are implemented. However, extremism and uncivil disobedience are not the solutions. They are not what Greece needs at a time when assistance is required from the Members of the Golden Dawn party at a rally. global community and when society must come together to overcome what is perhaps its most trying and unprecedented challenge in its modern history. “Simply stated, such rhetoric and acts conducted by extremists on both the right and left are unacceptable and deeply concern us as a community and as Ahepans. These are similar to the types of incidents experienced by our immigrant forebears a century ago. “Therefore, Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis’ condemnation of expressions of violence or hatred, whether directed against migrants or against Greek citizens, is welcomed by AHEPA.” AHEPA Canadian President George Vassilas issued a similar statement to Golden Dawn party leader, Nikos Michaloliakos. Canadian media outlets regarding the establishment of a Golden Dawn chapter in Montreal, Quebec. Have you contributed to the AHEPA Family’s Hunger in Greece / Hurricane Sandy relief drives? See pages 12-17 to learn more or visit to donate. The need is great. Winter 2012 The AhepAN 5

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