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June/July 2013 Features Morningstar Conversation Spotlight: Alternative Investing Alternative Designs Investors need to understand what drives returns to know which alternative investments create a truly diversified portfolio. 36 Beware the Lure of Diversification 49 The World Is Getting Grayer Globally, almost all populations are getting older. Europe’s sovereign debt crisis provides a glimpse of the economic troubles this aging will cause, economist Edward Hugh says. Undiscovered Manager 58 Waiting to Pull Up Anchor Small caps have reached the top of their cycle, manager Eric Cinnamond says. He’s hoarding cash for when the market turns. To truly diversify a traditional portfolio, alternative investments need to be cheap and behave differently than stocks and bonds. 40 Using Alternatives in Practice Advisors and clients need to understand what they’re buying and the role a strategy has in a portfolio. 45 Managed Futures and Cash Rates Before attempting to cash in on managed-futures funds, understand how these funds use cash. 3

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Morningstar Advisor - June/July 2013
Letter From the Editor
Not Your Values
How Do You Use Alternatives for Clients?
Working to Build a Niche
How to Put Buffett’s Investing Philosophy into Practice
Sophisticated Strategies for the Masses
Investments á la Carte
Investment Briefs
The Percentile Trap
Defense Firms Will Stay Aloft
Beware the Lure of Diversification
Using Alternatives in Practice
Managed Futures and Cash Rates
The World Is Getting Grayer
Waiting to Pull Up Anchor
The Price of Managing Volatility
Let’s Get Back to Basics
Our Favorite Mutual Funds
50 Most-Popular Equity ETFs
Undervalued Stocks With Wide Moats
Mutual Fund Urban Myths

Morningstar Advisor - June/July 2013