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Undiscovered Manager Frequent Fliers By Rob Wherry Offerings from Oberweis, Rainier, and Seafarer are proving even small funds can be competitive when it comes to picking stocks across the globe. Andrew Foster is used to spending hours on a plane as he searches the globe for stocks he believes are undervalued. A recent 10-day trip spanned more than 15,000 miles as he visited with more than a dozen management teams in Mumbai and Hong Kong. Only a typhoon kept him from traveling to mainland China. Such due-diligence trips are routine for Foster, who launched emergingmarkets fund Seafarer Overseas Growth & Income SFGIX in 2012 after almost a decade of 58 Morningstar Advisor December/January 2014 successfully guiding offerings at Matthews International Capital, the parent firm for the Matthews Asia funds. "You want to make sure reality matches your analysis," Foster says. "It's worth the trip if you come back with one good idea." Foster and peers such as Ralf Scherschmidt of Oberweis International Opportunities OBIOX and Henrik Strabo of Rainier International Discovery RISAX are part of a cadre of managers running small funds that are trying to keep pace with their bigger brethren in Morningstar's international fund categories. Their funds may not have the long performance records of, say, Gold-rated Oakmark International OAKIX. But the managers have proven themselves at their current funds and previous charges. Indeed, the Seafarer and Rainier funds are in the top quintile of their respective peer groups in 2013, while Oberweis

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Morningstar Advisor - December 2013/January 2014
Letter From the Editor
What’s Your Purpose?
Working for Gen Y
How to Allocate College Savings
Mobius Looks to a New Frontier
Investments á la Carte
Investment Briefs
How to Manage Bonds for Today and Tomorrow
Cloud Is the New Engine of Growth
Knowing Where to Look
Economic Vulnerability Varies by Country
Factor Investing in Emerging Markets
Following the Rules
Exploring Indexing’s Next Frontiers
Frequent Fliers
Family Blind Spots
Optimal Portfolios for the Long Run
Finding Value in a Pricey Sector
Our Favorite Mutual Funds
50 Most-Popular Equity ETFs
Undervalued Stocks With Wide Moats
The Emerging-Markets Roller Coaster

Morningstar Advisor - December 2013/January 2014