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+ 1 866 374 – 8800 31 Ibbotson Associates Investment and advisory services built on innovative research. 3 Groundbreaking retirement services featuring guaranteed product benefits Proprietary Methodologies and Research Support Core Capabilities 3 Custom target-maturity portfolios based on employee demographics 3 Annual conferences uniting academic and industry leaders Ibbotson Associates is a leader in asset allocation research, with more than three decades of experience advising some of the world’s largest firms. Its in-house research team continuously generates new theories, enhances methodologies, and determines best-practice applications to support its core consulting capabilities. Consultants work directly with asset managers, broker/dealers, and retirement plan providers and sponsors to create asset allocation models, select managers, and construct optimal portfolios that meet a client’s specific needs. Helping reinvent the approach to retirement investing for financial institutions and advisors, Ibbotson offers Lifetime Financial Advice. This holistic wealth management solution is built on Ibbotson’s research and methodology to address mortality risk and longevity risk by providing an appropriate allocation to traditional assets, life insurance, and guaranteed income annuities. Retirement portfolios are constructed based on a patented process that incorporates Ibbotson’s award-winning research on human capital as well as financial capital to unify asset class decisions with guaranteed product benefits. To help simplify the retirement investment process, Ibbotson has created custom target-maturity portfolios. These portfolios are developed using a plan’s demographics and existing investment menu. The portfolios define an appropriate asset mix and provide sound diversification, incrementally adjusting the amount of risk based on a participant’s retirement date. 33 Asset Allocation 3 Alternatives 3 Income 3 Tactical 3 Target-Maturity 3 Target-Risk 3 Tax-Efficient 3 With Annuities 3 With Life Insurance 3 3 3 3 Portfolio Construction Active and Passive Strategies Alpha-Tracking Error Optimization Risk Budgeting Sector Analysis 3 3 3 3 Manager Selection Alpha/Beta Separation Customized Benchmarks Proprietary Quantitative Techniques Qualitative Research Innovative Methodologies Alpha-Tracking Error Optimization Asset Allocation with Alternatives Liability-Driven Investing Lifetime Financial Advice Tactical Asset Allocation Target-Maturity Allocations Proprietary Research Asset Allocation with Annuities Asset Allocation with Life Insurance Savings Rate Guidelines Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation® (SBBI®) Ibbotson leverages the most appropriate elements of its capabilities to create unique client solutions. 3 3 3 3 Asset Class Models Custom Target-Maturity Portfolios Funds of Funds Participant Advice and Managed Accounts 3 3 3 3 Retirement Income Solutions Risk Tolerance Questionnaires Select Lists Wrap Programs

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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011
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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011