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6.3% 8.1% 16.4% 12.0% 62 KENNEDY Financial Communications JOHNSON NIXON FORD CARTER REAGAN BUSH CLINTON Percentage Returns k Total Return Index 0 Total Return Index Balanced Portfolio . Total Return Index Financial Charts and Presentations Client-ready communication resources for advisors. 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 30 Yr 83 Yr Risk -36.7% -37.0% -15.5% -43.2% 2.7% 1.6% -11.3% -8.4% 0.6% -6.8% 4.0% 3.7% -2.7% -2.2% 4.2% 2.4% 3.9% 3.0% 6.4% -1.4% 4.6% 1.6% 4.3% 3.2% 9.8% 8.4% 8.5% 3.7% 5.5% 4.2% 2.8% 12.7% 11.0% 10.9% 9.3% 7.3% 5.8% 3.8% 11.7% 9.6% 8.7% 7.9% 5.7% 4.9% 3.7% 3.0% 33.0% 20.6% 12.3% 21.9% 9.4% 3.0% 3.1% — -31.6% -17.4% -7.7% -20.3% -3.3% 1.0% 0.1% — Berlin Wall torn down top federal tax rate cut from 70% to 28% at December 31, 2008 10 Yr 20 Yr Worst 5 Yrs top federal tax rate raised from 28% to 39.6% Government Bonds d-Term Investments 25.9% 11.9% 10.4% 8.4% 3 Iconic capital markets images 10.0% 10.2% for the 0-Day Treasury Bills Inflation United States and Canada German reunification Mexican peso collapses Russian debt default 3 0.1% 2.2% 2.7% 2.5% 20+ brochures and Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations Asian currency c Our library of charts and presentations is a critical resource for financial advisors, helping them communicate key investment Kennedy Watergate Johnson assassinatedconcepts to clients and prospects. burglars decides not Berlin Wall built to run again arrested TM Iran takes hostages Iran releases hostages Microsoft goes public S&L deregulation S&L bailout Cold War ends impeachment hearings open against Nixon Keogh plans introduced John Glenn orbits earth Nixon Andex Charts—Canada’s popular financial DOW closes Six Day War resigns above 1,000 in Middle East images—are now available in a U.S. top federal tax edition. These FINRA-reviewed charts detail rate cut from 91% to 70% economic growth in the context of more than 50 financial, political, and social events. Their in-depth historical perspective helps Balanced Neil Armstrong Portfolio advisors relate investment trends while first man down 24% on moon setting appropriate risk and return expectaNASDAQ opens tions with clients. Chrysler bailout markets crash IBM PC introduced $500 Persian Gulf War NAFTA takes effect NASDAQ Amex merge Hunt bros silver crisis $40.65 mutual fund assets top $1 trillion first World Trade Center bombing LongCap Manag resc $38.34 gas hits $1.00 at the pump $850 unemployment 10.8% $31.70 worst drought in 50 yrs The Ibbotson® SBBI® Print Kit includes $10.40 $711 Arab one of the industry’s most compelling and oil $195 Big-picture perspective. Andex Charts help clients understand the relationship $509 embargo $482 widely used images. It features a poster, $104 between world events and market performance. unemployment two laminated prints, and 75population of the $12.60 handouts 3.4% over 65 $297 Civil Rights $14.23 Act passed $284 federal deficit Nixon iconic Ibbotson gold's fixed price sourced from the SBBI chart, 9.8% $290 billion visits $1 ® ® of $35 per oz $4.11 China Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook. Illustrating abandoned Market-Timing Risk The effects of missing the best month of annual retu the growth of $1 invested in four major 40% Return 30 year asset classes plus inflation since 1926, this Gov’t bond 30 15.21% chart helps spark meaningful discussions IRAs 20 first Intel introduced 30 year about a client’s long-term portfolio outlook. microchip fixed mortgage TM Cuban missile crisis Bay of Pigs The Morningstar® Principia® Presentations & Education module includes more than 20 specialized presentations on important Pentagon Tonkin Papers investment topics,Tet Sales Ideas marketing plus resolution offensive published handouts, brochures, and a collection of Vietnam War white papers. All materials can be personalized with the presenter’s name and logo. The Principia Presentations & Education module is available separately or as part of the Principia Suite, a collection of research 1st class stamp and analysis software for independent 8¢ 2.5% advisors (see p. 58). View sample images and content wages & prices frozen wage & price controls end average house price $38,900 18.63% 10 0 –10 –20 21.5% –30 –40 1970 1975 1980 Annual Return 1985 Annual Return Minus Be 1990 Prime Interest Rate 1st class stamp 20¢ 7.4% min wage $2.30 5.1% 30-Year Government Bond Yield ass 4¢ 2.9% min wage $4.25 min wage $5.15 life expectancy M - 66.6 yrs F - 73.1 yrs Presentation library. The Principia Presentations & Education module explores more Inflation than 20 investment topics in formats ideal for seminars and client meetings. ® average sale price of a one-family house $19,300 average house price $100,800 average house price $166,400 S&P 500 Price Earnings Ratio

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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011
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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011