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64 Financial Communications Morningstar Institutional Marketing and Sales Solutions Research and data to strengthen campaigns. ® 3 Tailored marketing service leverages hundreds of financial images, Sales Ideas, and analyst articles Fully customized materials support a firm’s brand Morningstar works with asset managers, broker/dealers, banks, and other institutions to deliver custom marketing packages designed to educate advisors and appeal to individual investors. Drawing from our extensive libraries of more than 200 images and financial charts, 150 Sales Ideas marketing handouts, and 100 independent analyst articles, we build tailored solutions that help reinforce a company’s communication materials. We consult personally with firms to identify their needs and provide ready-todistribute, co-brandable sales and educational materials, visual presentations, and editorial content. Working closely with in-house marketing teams, we make sure these pieces easily incorporate into existing presentations, brochures, e-mails, or websites. Our images are FINRA-reviewed and illustrate key investment concepts, such as market-timing risk, international investing, and retirement income. Sales Ideas are one-page marketing handouts that advisors can use to help generate new business. Each issue features a topical investment idea for advisors to distribute to clients or review during meetings. Institutions have the freedom to customize the design as needed to meet branding requirements and incorporate company logos. Institutions also leverage our independent and objective editorial content. Our timely articles highlight investment concepts, educate clients, and add credibility to a firm’s own communications. View a demonstration and sample images Extensive Libraries of Content 3 200+ Market Images Illustrate complex investment topics with engaging financial charts and graphs 150+ Sales Ideas Help advisors generate new business with timely investment ideas 100+ Articles Highlight investment concepts and educate clients with independent analysis Fully Customizable Marketing Support Using Morningstar analysis saves our marketing department time and effort by providing ready-to-use information to enhance our brochures. Morningstar content helps simplify complex ideas so our clients better understand their investment choices. David Siegel, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer PFS Investments, Inc.

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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011
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Morningstar Catalog 2010/2011