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April/May 2014 Features Spotlight: Strategic Beta A New Picture of Strategic Beta Investors have been ill-equipped to rigorously analyze the index world's hottest trend- until now. 38 Strategies: Portfolio Construction 46 Alternative Investments and Alternative Return: An Introduction Strategies: Investment Research The Strategic Factor of Smart Beta Morningstar lays out a sensible approach to so-called "smart beta," including a name change. 41 42 50 52 54 56 Strategies: Quant U 64 Beyond Normal: Understanding Skewness and Kurtosis Wide-Moat Deals Down Under Puerto Rico Pushed to the Limit Even if a strategy is theoretically sound, not all funds that purport to harness it are. 44 The Smartest Beta: Don't Do Dumb Things Hedging Bets Being Smart About Strategic Beta 60 How Bloated Is Your Manager? Factors 101 Strategies: In Practice Strategic Beta Strategies Rely on Willing Losers 3

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Morningstar Magazine - April/May 2014