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August/September 2015 6 7 Dispatches Contributors Letter From the Editor Letter From the Board 8 Rising Rates Phillips Curve 10 It's a Four-Bucket World Policy 12 Long Live the 401(k) 16 Does Your Fund Manager Consistently Beat the Stock Market? Ivory Towers Behavior Gap 18 The Honesty Differentiator 20 Stuck in Neutral as We Cling to Cash 23 Americas Greater Europe Australia & New Zealand Asia Economic Outlook Global Briefs 31 32 34 Spotlight 37 United Against Fees A singular quest should link active and passive investors: low costs. 40 Active/Passive Case Study: U.S. Large Caps Another View of Active/Passive Why Aren't You Popular at the Party? Sizing Up Fixed-Income Strategic-Beta ETFs 42 44 46 3

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Morningstar Magazine - August/September 2015