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THE ENERGY OF MANY Attitude is Everything HAVING JUST WRAPPED UP OUR WORLD EDUCA- for meeting and event professionals resonated in the hearts and minds of attendees. And after TION CONGRESS IN VANCOUVER, we conducted many months of enduring industry and busian internal “After Action Review” through a comprehensive analysis of attendee surveys and ness upheaval, these messages were like Red Bull for the soul. Suddenly, changing the world performance metrics. Essential stuff if you’re for attendees through what they do was not just intent on using meetings and events to change a clever tagline; it was real...and possible. The the world. Thanks to the incredible energies of attitudinal shift was clearly visible in participaour volunteers, speakers, host committee and tion, particularly in the Flash Point sessions, management team, our metrics indicated that and in post-event survey responses. Compared we realized a stellar result. We’re thrilled with the operational performance of the event—but is to a year ago, where the WEC attendee vibe was about victimization in the wake of the that enough? How do you assess whether your 2009 perfect storm, attendees left Vancouver event changed the world? feeling empowered to make a difference in their One of my favorite speakers of all time is world no matter how complex its reality. Keith Harrell, whose foundational message is That type of enriching attitude is contagious “attitude is everything.” If you want to make a difference for your clients, family or community, and contributes to an elevated performance result that only a face-to-face human connecit all starts with your attitude. Meetings and events categorically can impact attitudes. Experi- tion can deliver. Our challenge remains finding ence marketers design events to deliver powerful the metric to measure “attitude adjustment.” But as our industry focus continues to move pragmatic and emotional messages that shape attendee attitudes toward brands, organizations toward performance, we will get there. change and even themselves. Emotions have always always When we meet, we do chan the emselves. ays our driven purchasing decisions more than world...and it starts with ou own hasing intellect. As meeting and event profesattitudes. sionals evolve an increasingly disciplined ve approach toward driving performance ward results, developing some measure of the loping emotional or attitudinal impact is vital. r In Vancouver, the combination of John uver, Furlong (CEO of VANOC 2010) EO speaking about the out emotional impact of mpact the 2010 Olympic ympic Winter Games on mes an entire country untry and Emmanuel nuel Gobillot speaking on BRUCE MACMILLAN, CA, is president and CEO of MPI. He can be reached at Follow him at courageous leadership 10 one+ 09.10 10 > The MPI Foundation continues its drive to provide innovative, career-building thought leadership development through the following key industry partnerships. Corporate Social Responsibility InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is supporting a five-year CSR initiative to help meeting and event industry professionals achieve sustainable organizational success through development of training, certification, reporting tools and a CSR research center. Value of Meetings Reed Travel Exhibitions through AIBTM is dedicated to studying and understanding the appreciable business value of meetings through key research findings. This will culminate at AIBTM in Baltimore, June 2011. Future of Meetings Jumeirah is focused on studying and understanding the future of meetings through the Meetings Outlook Research Initiative. Omni Hotels is focused on studying and understanding the future of meetings technology through the Meetings Outlook Research Initiative. PSAV is focused on studying and understanding the future of meetings technology through the Meetings Outlook Research Initiative.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of One + September 2010

One + September 2010
Energy of Many
Share Your Mind
Thoughts + Leaders
Five Years Later
What You Missed
Top Spots
TMI at Your Peril
Men Behaving Badly
You Can Go Your Own Way
Falling for Food
Breaking Bread
Community Service
Controlled Chaos
The Quick Guide to Keeping Your Top Talent
Generation Why
What’s the Right Risk?
Let’s Talk
Get an (Economic) World View
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + September 2010