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> UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN Generation CEO Your everyday life is influenced by CEOs of different ages across various industries. Drilling down deeper, though, which CEOs are the most influential in the meeting and event industry? E-mail us your answers at for an upcoming One+ crowdsourced article. Carol Bartz, 62 Glenn Tilton, 62 Sir Richard Branson, 60 , Julie Steward, 55 Indra Noovi, 54 Stephen P. Holmes, 52 Chris Anderson, 53 Gerard Arpey, 52 Frits D. Van Paasschen, 49 Willie Walsh, 48 Jeff Bezos, 46 Christopher J. Nassetta, 47 Michael Rapino, 44 Dara Khosrowshahi, 39 Kevin Hartz, 40 Amy E. Miles, 43 Evan Williams, 38 Chad Hurley, 33 y, Dennis Crowley, 34 Reed Hastings, 49 Ellen J. Kullman, 54 , Eric E. Schmidt, 55 Mark Zuckerberg, 26 y, Fraser Doherty, 21 100 one+ 09.10 > Warren E. Buffett, 80 J.W. Marriott, 78 Eric Koger, 26 Candle: The Silent Generation Baby Boomers Gen X Gen Y

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of One + September 2010

One + September 2010
Energy of Many
Share Your Mind
Thoughts + Leaders
Five Years Later
What You Missed
Top Spots
TMI at Your Peril
Men Behaving Badly
You Can Go Your Own Way
Falling for Food
Breaking Bread
Community Service
Controlled Chaos
The Quick Guide to Keeping Your Top Talent
Generation Why
What’s the Right Risk?
Let’s Talk
Get an (Economic) World View
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + September 2010