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IMPRESSIONS Success through SMM [Re: “The S Word,” August 2010] SMM works for all sizes of companies. I run a very small nonprofit (<10 people) and we have used SMM principles to help lay the groundwork for smart organization with our meetings. SMM has been a tremendous help to show our board and those interested in working with us that we are serious about our mission and vision as an organization. —E. Christie EDITOR’S NOTE: We appreciate the feedback on MPI and your magazine, One+. Your ideas and thoughts are important to us. Let us know what you think. E-mail the editorial team at You Tell Us What is your favorite “green” venue? More importantly, why? Tell us about it. Send an e-mail to 12 one+ 09.10 >> Growing Giving [Re: “Grassroots Giving,” July 2010] This is an excellent article full of great ideas. We often have clients coming to us for CSR ideas that can have a local impact and provide both the less tangible “feel good” for the participants (often up to 500 at a time). Our challenge remains that Vancouver and Canada are not “high need” in terms of CSR. While we have organizations that would love support, there are none in the position to have 50 or 500 descend en masse and do something big in an allocated three-hour window. Cantrav and the amazing individuals who work here all take giving back seriously, so this has appeal I can see internally. However, we have opportunities to incorporate this type of giving into the service package we provide to large organizations at any given time, and thank you for the inspiring ideas and the reminder that there are always ways to reach out we haven’t yet considered that support brand initiatives and represent clients’ needs. —Tahira Endean Cantrav Nothing but Blue Skies [Re: “Clear Mindspace,” July 2010] While reading this article is one more thing to do and gives us more to think about, you’ve communicated, very clearly, some effective strategies and insightful comments. Thank you for your clarity. It will remind me that I need to get out of my own way. —Chris Music Sharp’s Audio Visual Student Pride [Re: “Meet Country,” August 2010] We at the MPI Michigan Chapter are very proud of the initiative of our student members. Their hunger to learn our industry inspires us all. —Sherry Cummins, CMM, CMP Independent Planner We Get It, One+ Rocks [Re: “ One+ Wins Eight Awards in 2010,” PlusPoint blog] Congratulations for the awards that One+ received at the Azbee ceremony. I already know that One+ is a great magazine, and it’s nice to know that it’s being recognized. Keep up the great work! —Marlene Blas, MTA California Western School of Law [Re: “Meet Country,” August 2010] As a Central Michigan University (CMU) graduate and a member of MPI, I am impressed and proud of [our student members’] efforts, but not at all surprised. CMU and the MPI Michigan Chapter are full of great, talented people! —Phyllis Riley, CMP MPI University Club of Michigan State University Captivating Content [Re: August 2010 One+] Reading this issue over coffee, I am captivated with the multitude of truly usable the Tag links and the numerous bite-sized nuggets of business the SMMP article hits a real sweet spot. BRAVO to MPI’s One+ team! —David Kliman, CMP, CMM The Kliman Group

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One + September 2010
Energy of Many
Share Your Mind
Thoughts + Leaders
Five Years Later
What You Missed
Top Spots
TMI at Your Peril
Men Behaving Badly
You Can Go Your Own Way
Falling for Food
Breaking Bread
Community Service
Controlled Chaos
The Quick Guide to Keeping Your Top Talent
Generation Why
What’s the Right Risk?
Let’s Talk
Get an (Economic) World View
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + September 2010