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U B THE Five Years Later New Orleans celebrates its unprecedented return a halfdecade after the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. p.20 17 Share Your Mind BY JESSIE STATES 18 Oro de México Gloria Guevara explains why her destination has embarked on a new marketing campaign. p.22 20 World-Class Education Relive the 2010 World Education Congress in photographs (and online). p.28 22 24 26 28 NOTED PHYSICIST DAVID BOHM DESCRIBED DIALOGUE AS A POWERFUL DANCE OF MINDS THAT CAN LEAD TO SIGNIFICANT AND CREATIVE CHANGE, a conversation among equals in which any controlling authority hinders and inhibits free thought. Hierarchy, he wrote in 1991, has no place in dialogue. An emerging group of management experts has embraced this idea that the collective mind is better than its individual parts. Their proposal: shared leadership, a business concept based on collaboration and distributed responsibility on one or more levels of the organizational “hierarchy.” Companies that utilize the strategy admit that teams are better equipped than individuals to diagnose challenges, identify options and make profitable decisions. Note that shared leadership is not the same as co-leadership, which owns a dubious track record. Often, co-leadership evolves into a competition for dominance that ends with one person on top and the other gone, says J. Richard Hackman, a psychology professor at Harvard University. (The exception is an organization in which co-leadership is a long-standing institutional feature and the specific responsibilities of the co-leaders are clearly defined.) Instead, shared leadership emerges organically when members of a team are collectively responsible for a single task, when reaching a goal requires them to work interdependently. “In such cases, it is the team that is accountable, not any one individual,” Hackman says. “However, even in teams with widely shared leadership, it is almost always wise to make one person responsible for ensuring that members’ contributions are well coordinated and that nothing of importance is overlooked.” Hackman points to New York’s Orpheus 14 one+ 09.10

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One + September 2010
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One + September 2010