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U B THE Thoughts+Leaders What business tips would you share with entrepreneurs just setting out on their own? bills for at least a year. If you don’t have it, don’t do it. Also, ask whether or not you need structure or instruction. Either way is OK, but you need to know where on that spectrum you fall. Consider your ability to mix patience and urgency. As a business owner, you cannot afford to be patient on many things, but you also must realize that nearly everything takes longer and costs more than you thought it would. Learn to live with it. Old-School CSR 11. BlogWorld Oct. 14-16 Las Vegas As much as some of us in “traditional” media hate to say it, bloggers are here to stay. So it’s only natural for them to hold a conference. Hence, BlogWorld, billed as the world’s “largest new media event.” Here, the blogosphere convenes for content creation, distribution and monetization (oh my!) strategies and step-by-step techniques and tools. Even netizens need to meet in person. 12. The Anti-Aging Show Oct. 15-17 Mississauga, Ontario Because the lure of vanity should not be underestimated, the Anti-Aging Show offers innovative ways to look and feel your best. Talk one-on-one with doctors and learn the latest cosmetic procedures available on the market today. Or discover alternative methods of improving your health, attend informative seminars and find the latest products that will help you look years younger and improve your health. Think CSR is a new trend? Think again. Although the term was not coined until 1953, new research shows that corporate social responsibility (CSR) traces its roots to the early years of the 20th century—and to the editor of influential business magazine The World’s Work, which was devoted to social responsibility in the public interest. In “The World’s Work: Arthur W. Page and the Movement Toward Social Responsibility in Corporate Communications, 19131927,” David L. Remund, a legacy scholar at Pennsylvania State University, shows how Page’s editorial vision reflected progress toward social responsibility in later corporate communications. CSR historians generally agree that the concept emerged in the 1930s and 1940s. It was formalized in 1953 with the publication of Social Responsibilities of the Businessman by Howard Bowen. Remund’s scholarship, however, shows advocacy for CSR—in form if not name—from a major probusiness magazine much earlier than that. He concludes that the supportive words of The World’s Work became deeds when Page moved from the editor’s chair into the corporate executive office. —J.S. Ann Hansen President and CEO concept+competence Businesses start in the entrepreneurial mind years before they become reality. If your business concept is original and innovative you have to give it time. The meeting industry is a slow animal, and it can take years before your brilliant new idea concurs with the masses. Stick with your concept—even if it takes years—and be ready to adjust your original plan to unavoidable changes in the market. Constantly look for new cooperation opportunities with other people and ideas/concepts. Nigel Paine Owner Mike Wolf Vice president of business development Unbridled Solutions LLC The No. 1 reason businesses fail is undercapitalization. Ask yourself if you have enough money to live on and have the ability to pay your 18 I have five tips for new entrepreneurs. (1) Surround yourself with people who challenge you; don’t pick people who are in awe. (2) Find someone with experience who can mentor or coach you. (3) Talk, talk, talk about your ideas. If your friends aren’t impressed by your business idea, there is a strong chance that the world won’t be either. (4) Remember the three horizons: extend and defend your core activities, build emerging capability and new revenue streams and create viable options for the future. (5) Learn. Keep an eye open for what’s new, read books and blogs, talk to people. Love your work and believe in what you are doing. one+ 09.10

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