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U B THE What innovation have you introduced on the job that positively affected the way your company does business? The Budget Game “The UNWTO strongly advocates the importance of building strong national tourism administrations that can fully maximize the potential of tourism to generate wealth and create jobs. Countries such as Argentina, Greece and Italy have all upgraded tourism to a full ministerial portfolio. It is not understandable that Spain, a leading tourism destination, would do the reverse.” —Taleb Rifai, secretary-general for the U.N. World Tourism Organization, on the Spanish government’s decision to close its Secretariat for Tourism due to budget restrictions Travel vs. the Environment “Discouraging business travel is short-sighted and counterproductive. This type of arbitrary and across-the-board approach will further economic decline at precisely the wrong time for the more than 2 million Americans whose jobs depend on business travel. We call on the Obama Administration to work with the travel community to promote sustainable business travel initiatives through incentives rather than promote a policy that will lead to job losses. —Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, on efforts by U.S. President Barack Obama to protect the environment by curbing business travel “I regularly work side-by-side with the culinary staff, which gives me the opportunity to understand more closely the tools that they need to deliver the best product. From laying hors d’ oeuvres to working on the line, my goal is to communicate to the crew that their executive chef is not afraid to do what they do and is able to do what they do, which opens up an important line of communication. —Jon Eyer, new executive chef for the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego “I manage a large meeting for a pharmaceutical client each year in Europe, and the systems and templates that my team has developed ensure that the large amounts of data we use can be stored and manipulated effectively, reducing the amount of time-consuming tasks. I have also encouraged the team to focus on attendee communication, ensuring that throughout registration a great rapport is developed, which has been increasingly commented upon in client evaluations.” —Charlotte Wilcox, new New Jersey account manager for WorldEvents War for Flex Time “As pay freezes remain in place for many organizations, looking at how to retain your staff and keep them engaged is moving up the agenda. Offering simple flexible working options could make the difference between keeping or losing staff at a critical time, when the best employees are needed to drive recovery.” —Charles Logan, director for recruiting firm Hays, on new research that 55 percent of employees welcome government plans to require employers to offer flexible options No Fly List “More and more Americans who have done nothing wrong find themselves unable to fly, and in some cases unable to return to the U.S., without any explanation whatsoever from the government. A secret list that deprives people of the right to fly and places them into effective exile without any opportunity to object is both un-American and unconstitutional.” —Ben Wizner, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union on the organization’s lawsuit against the No Fly List “Taking into account the fact that many key clients exhibit across a number of shows in our international portfolio, I initiated a key account management program that resulted in simplifying communication across the portfolio, and helped clients take a more holistic, strategic approach to working with Reed Travel Exhibitions.” —Lloyd Kenyon, exhibition manager for GIBTM Business Travel in Baghdad “By having offices with local staff in Iraq, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide essential advice and service. Safety is of course paramount, so we can recommend the safest ways to travel around the country and the best accommodations to book, and should any situation arise where a company needs help, CT Business Travel is immediately on hand to assist.” —Mark Kempster, managing director of CT Business Travel, on opening offices in Baghdad and Arbil to support business travel to, from and within Iraq 26 one+ 09.10

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