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>> REBOOT YOUR BRAIN BY JON BRADSHAW << Men Behaving Badly I NEEDED TO VISIT THE RESTROOM AT THE START OF THE MEETING, so by the end of it I was at bursting point. No sooner had my clients left, I found myself dashing dementedly across the plush hotel lobby hunting for the gents’ toilets. Upon entering, however, my unbridled relief was mixed with a real sense of confusion. Where on earth had they hidden the urinals? In theory, approximately half of you have never entered a gent’s restroom/toilet, but you all know that the main addition is a row 40 of urinals that allow us to—to the envy of every woman I know— relieve ourselves while rather wonderfully being able to stand and socialize. A noise behind me made me turn, and my confusion as to urinal whereabouts turned to utter panic as the door of a nearby cubical opened and a young woman walked out, took one look at me and proceeded to emit a long, high-pitched scream of glassshattering proportions. The issue quickly became apparent—I was in the ladies’ loo. A short while later over a cup of tea in the hotel café, I analyzed what had occurred, and I’ve been puzzling over it ever since. Our world is full of signs, suggestions and messages that try to affect our behavior, but in this instance one+ 09.10

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One + September 2010
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Men Behaving Badly
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One + September 2010