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What has been your greatest knowledge takeaway from a meeting or event? The last several MPI meetings I have attended, I have been taken aback by the quality and quantity of green offerings. From tables and décor made of recycled paper to locally sourced produce, our industry has embraced sustainability and its place in meetings. I am even more impressed by the ways in which planners have pushed hotels and hotel management to implement green standards. —Jesh Batra, new marketing and development director for Fun Factory Events ART OF TRAVEL Eat Well Tray Bien Gluten-Free PB & Crackers Meal (, US$7.99) To meet the needs of a growing consumer base among members of the Celiac community (currently an estimated 2 million), travel size purveyor has responded with an expansion of its line of Gluten-Free foods and condiments to include a convenient, pre-packaged meal that those with gluten intolerance can pack or carry along wherever they go. The Gluten-Free PB & Crackers Meal requires no refrigeration and comes with its own carrying handles. High-4! Cover Up Poken for Business (, US$19.95) Poken is a social business card that makes it easy to share contact details and online social networks in the real world. Just hold two Poken palms together, and you’re connected. To activate your Poken, pull apart the body and hand and pull out the plastic tab. You’ll see a flashing red light—it’s now activated and ready to exchange information. Next time you meet someone, just Poken. As your social business card, your Poken lets you connect on social networks without having to search for them, and you can easily download contact details to programs such as Outlook. Moleskine Kindle Cover (, US$39.99) From paper to electronic ink and back again, Moleskine comes full circle with protective covers for the Amazon Kindle. The features and style of the cover are those of a classic Moleskine notebook: sleek rounded corners, strong elastic band and a smooth black cover. Inside, a suede lining protects the electronic device, while four corner elastic bands hold it in place. Each cover includes a package of two reporter-style notebooks with black flexible cover, rounded corners and blank ivory paper for jotting notes and insights. This past March, we produced a multi-day meeting for Farmers Insurance and formed an amazing partnership with our client. We were a part of their team, and through a thorough understanding of their ultimate mission for the program, tapped into the emotional state of the attendees. We helped effect change within the organization and touched hearts and minds. So when the event ended and they stood to applaud us, the satisfaction went beyond doing a good job or having the hard work pay off. —Naz Keynejad, CMP, new meetings and events director for Mothership Creative Tight Fit Dressed to Talk M-Dress (, Price: TBD) The M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress) is a silk jersey dress that also functions as a soft mobile phone. The M-Dress accepts a standard SIM card and allows the wearer to receive and make calls without carrying a cellular phone. A SIM card is inserted into the small slot underneath the label and the dress is ready to be used, having the same phone number as the wearer’s phone. When the dress rings, the simple gesture of bringing a hand to the ear will allow the sensor to open the call, and when done talking, the gesture of releasing the hand downwards will close the call. Spacepak (, US$46.00) If your goal is to fit two weeks’ worth of clothes into one carryon, then the Spacepak is for you. The sleek suitcase maximizes case space by allowing garments to undergo double compression and organization. There’s even one side for clean laundry and one side for dirty laundry. Want to review an item for One+? Send an e-mail to jhensel I was at a marketing seminar, and the speaker presented the class with a chef who made beautiful swans and flowers out of melons and strawberries. Then, we were given assorted fruit and a theme, and we illustrated the theme by carving and displaying the fruit. The takeaway: Yes, it’s an apple, but if you think outside the box, you can make it into a flower. And if you turn the apple upside down? It’s a hat. —Heidi Clark, new spa director for the Chateau on the Lake Resort, Spa and Convention Center in Branson, Missouri Scan this tag to see a video on how to pack for a twoweek trip with Spacepak. 27

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One + October 2010
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