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THE energy and environment industry. Last year, the WFES brought together more than 24,760 attendees from 148 countries to find practical and sustainable solutions for today’s energy security and climate change challenges. Motivation Innovation “As creative thinkers, we want to make progress, and we want to move big ideas forward. So, it’s no surprise that the best motivator is being empowered to take action.” —Jocelyn K. Glei in “What Motivates Us To Do Great Work?” on Donuts—The Perfect Breakfast? Agenda Conventa Jan. 19-20 Ljubljana, Slovenia Conventa is a focused and serious business-to-business event bringing together more than 100 meeting industry providers from South East Europe and more than 200 carefully selected hosted buyers from all over Europe. It offers a unique opportunity to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof. “Once inside the brain, sugar is used to produce a very important neurotransmitter chemical call acetylcholine. Acetylcholine allows you to learn and remember, to regulate your attention and mood and to control how well you can move. Your brain makes acetylcholine from choline, which is obtained from the diet, and from acetyl groups that originate from the metabolism of sugar. We frequently obtain choline in our diet by eating lecithin. Lecithin can be found in many different bakery goods such as donuts and cupcakes and is commonly added to chocolate. Thus a tasty chocolate covered donut first thing in the morning is going to provide your brain with everything it needs to pay attention and learn new things.” —Gary Wenk, Ph.D., in Psychology Today North American Veterinary Conference Jan. 15-19 Orlando, Florida More than 10,000 veterinarians, veterinary technicians and practice managers choose the NAVC Conference as their cornerstone provider of continuing education each year. A five-day event offering more than 800 sessions and hands-on laboratories, the conference is a must-attend for those in practice, academe and industry alike. World Future Energy Summit Jan. 17-20 Abu Dhabi Since its inception in 2008, the World Future Energy Summit has evolved as the world’s foremost annual meeting for the renewable Toy Fair Jan. 25-27 London, England The Toy Fair is the only dedicated toy, game and hobby exhibition in the U.K. It provides visitors with a real overview and insight into a fun, innovative and exciting industry, as well as providing a great networking opportunity and the chance to touch, feel and experiment with the products of the future. Step Away From the Desk “It’s hard to get the stimuli that can spur innovative thinking solely from your desk in a hotel while scarfing down room service; it’s harder to understand what customers can’t articulate without spending time with them. Make the time for new experiences. It will be worth the investment.” —Scott Anthony, managing director of Innosight Ventures, on the Harvard Business Review blog with tips to help you innovate while traveling Culture as Strategy “Companies that will perform well will nurture the factors that make their employees feel happier and engaged at work, more connected to overall results and more motivated to make a strong contribution. Going forward, companies can’t ignore culture. Rather, it should be addressed as a critical component of their overall business strategy.” —Eileen Habelow, Ph.D., senior vice president of organizational development at Randstad 22 one+ 01.11

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One + January 2011
Energy of Many
The Future is Sharing
Strategic View
Fans, Dry Ice and a $600 Extension Cord
Top Spots
Job Resolution
The Laws of Attraction
How Bazaar
What’s Cooking in 2011
Another World at Our Feet
Middle East Central
More Than Amusement
The Future Looks Brilliant
How to Develop a Virtual Event
Tales of Adventure for the Newly Independent Planner
Idea Man
Your Community
Making a Diffrence
Until We Meet Again

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