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I CAN NEVER REMEMBER IF IT WAS MY THIRD OR FOURTH WIFE WHO ACCUSED ME OF NOT HAVING A ROMANTIC BONE IN MY BODY. Whoever it was, I’ve always felt the observation was a little harsh. While true love has eluded me, I’ve always been generous toward my significant others. I’ve offered each lady up to half the cost of her ticket when she accompanies me on my weekly football pilgrimage, allowed each to watch me play with my model train set and (if I really liked her) presented my childhood Star Trek collection. Despite my generosity, most of them haven’t called back, or worse yet, actually married me and then asked BY JON BRADSHAW << THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION > > R E B OO T Y O U R B R A I N for a divorce before they’d even watched a game of football, seen my train set or touched my 1977 limited edition Starship Enterprise model with flashing “beam me up” button. Judging by the e-mails I have received from my good readers, my fellow MPI members may be experiencing similar misfortune in the meeting industry, so let’s take a look at what behavioral science can teach us in the hope that 2011 brings you all a Mr. or Mrs. Right. While the science of love is still in its infancy, experts from many different disciplines are beginning to get their first insights into its nature and origin. We can now look inside the brains of people in love and view activity patterns, measure biochemical changes and explore the diverse human experience of what “love” is. Oxytocin is a naturally occur- 40 one+ 01.11

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One + January 2011
Energy of Many
The Future is Sharing
Strategic View
Fans, Dry Ice and a $600 Extension Cord
Top Spots
Job Resolution
The Laws of Attraction
How Bazaar
What’s Cooking in 2011
Another World at Our Feet
Middle East Central
More Than Amusement
The Future Looks Brilliant
How to Develop a Virtual Event
Tales of Adventure for the Newly Independent Planner
Idea Man
Your Community
Making a Diffrence
Until We Meet Again

One + January 2011