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66 JANUARY 2011 FEATURES FROM FUTUREWATCH 2011 The Future Looks Brilliant p.64 With the current state of the economy, meeting professionals are finding greater purpose and ROI by approaching events with an increasingly detail-oriented mindset, growing the adoption and spread of strategic meetings management, niche group planning and co-location. BY ELAINE POFELDT 84 78 66 48 Another World at Our Feet Arizona’s Barringer Crater can help groups see Arizona, as well as the cosmos, in a whole new way. BY CHAD MILLER 72 How to Develop a Virtual Event You’ve heard the buzz, done your research and surveyed your attendees. Now you’re ready to incorporate virtual technology into your overall strategy. BY KEVIN OLSEN 76 52 Disaster! The forces of Mother Nature will regularly threaten, and often breech, an event’s first line of defense. Learn from your peers to prevent meeting disasters and how to better handle them when they’re unavoidable. BY MICHAEL PINCHERA 52 Middle East Central The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference proves a tired old cliché wrong. BY KEVIN WOO 78 57 More Than Amusement Orlando made attendees smile during three days of intensive, pre-scheduled business appointments involving more than 1,000 U.S. travel-and-tourism organizations with nearly 1,500 international buyers. BY ILONA KAUREMSZKY Tales of Adventure for the Newly Independent Planner Regardless of the paths or reasons that brought us to independent planner-hood, many of the challenges we face are the same. BY SHAWNA SUCKOW, CMP 84 Idea Man 76 That brilliant idea that just popped into your head? It’s been brewing for a while. Author Steven Johnson can explain. BY JENNA SCHNUER 48 5

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One + January 2011
Energy of Many
The Future is Sharing
Strategic View
Fans, Dry Ice and a $600 Extension Cord
Top Spots
Job Resolution
The Laws of Attraction
How Bazaar
What’s Cooking in 2011
Another World at Our Feet
Middle East Central
More Than Amusement
The Future Looks Brilliant
How to Develop a Virtual Event
Tales of Adventure for the Newly Independent Planner
Idea Man
Your Community
Making a Diffrence
Until We Meet Again

One + January 2011