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Middle East Central The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference proves a tired old cliché wrong. BY KEVIN WOO OIL AND WATER USUALLY DON’T MIX, BUT THAT WASN’T THE CASE for the organizers of the recent Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC). Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s largest emirate, is a T-shaped island city that sits a quarter-mile off the mainland. Oil and gas production drives the local economy, and Abu Dhabi holds nearly 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves and 5 percent of the world’s natural gas. To diversify and grow the city’s 52 economic base, government officials have made huge investments in transportation, real estate and tourism. As a result, Abu Dhabi has emerged as a top meeting destination. Billions have been invested in high-end hotels, world-class resorts, modern convention facilities and transportation—all with an eye to increase tourism. Add a few unique experiences (camel rides and desert safaris), and it’s easy to understand why Abu Dhabi is drawing groups. one+ 01.11

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One + January 2011
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