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THE Thoughts+Leaders How do you prove the value of meetings in your job? Michelle Johnson Chief Gathering Officer C3 Scan this tag for an exclusive One+ video with Roger Dow on the importance of the Power of Travel Coalition. Roger Dow President and CEO U.S. Travel Association “In order to prove the value of your meeting to any client, consumer or attendee, you need to have set the objective and then deliver on it. Your goal as a meeting professional is to always keep your eye on the ball to ensure that what is being executed equals the plan that was set out. Now, as we all know, plans change and things get added, but how you reconnect the vision to the newly inserted ideas will be a critical step along the way. “If you keep the overall objective as the connective tissue throughout the event, your ability to measure the outcomes will be an easy task. There will be two sides to measure when proving the value of the meeting—the one internally and the one externally. It will be important to recap the good, bad and ugly immediately following the event to capture what you can improve upon it next time.” “While we’re starting to see some positive growth in the meeting sector, the precipitous downfall of 2009 and continuing attacks on the travel industry by government has taught us that we can’t rest on our laurels. We must continue to make the case with policymakers on ‘Why Travel Matters.’ With nearly 100 new faces in U.S. Congress this year, our work is only beginning as we educate them on the importance of the entire travel industry in every congressional district. “To make our industry more resilient and less vulnerable to attack, we must also build a strong grassroots army. That’s why we’ve set a goal this year to sign up at least 50,000 meeting industry professionals as part of our Power of Travel Coalition ( Together, we make our voice stronger with policymakers.”

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One + February 2011
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MPI’s 2011 Meeting Guide to Canada
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One + February 2011