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78 The Truth of Tech Online communications and virtual meetings are changing our understanding of existing interaction skills. Figuring out how it will impact our business—and our humanity— is the challenge. BY QUINN NORTON 88 The Social Networker Chris Brogan knows social media like few do. He was using it in the late 1980s, when the only platforms were green-screen bulletin boards over ultra-slow dialup modems. But he saw something magical there. BY DANN ANTHONY MAURNO 92 MARCH/APRIL 2011 96 Super Wi-Fi is Coming A new mobile age dawning in the U.S. will deliver us from poor and costly wireless Internet. BY MICHAEL PINCHERA Applified Eleven ways mobile apps will crank your meeting’s value to 11 in 2011. BY CORBIN BALL 98 The Kitchen Sink There are more technology-based methods for delivering content than ever before, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Steering clear of communication overload—and maintaining the integrity of your outreach—is more important than ever before. BY JEFFREY W. RASCO 104 @ Your Service Customer service doesn’t need to suffer from tech advances. Rather, the latest tech offerings can elevate customer outreach to unimaginable levels. BY RYAN SINGEL 5

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One + March/april 2011
Energy of Many
Ultimate Fail
Ask the Experts
Wonders, Man
Business Is Back
Top Spots
Fail vs. Fail
Long Distance Sportsmanship
The Conference Is Not About You
Eat, Play, Love
Fantastic Fit
Where Tomorrow Happens
Middle Kingdom Come
All Together Now
Economic Impact Study
The Truth of Tech
The Social Networker
Super Wi-Fi Is Coming
The Kitchen Sink
@ Your Service
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again
MPI's 2011 Meeting Guide to Colorado

One + March/April 2011