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>> Paul Bridle International Parking Institute Conference & Expo 2011 May 22-25 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Parking: Can it really be interesting? Seems so. Industry pros will be on hand to discuss using social media to grow business, developing a sustainable parking and transportation plan, new technology reducing lighting energy cost, building a bike farm in your organization, improving your emergency response plan and demystifying automated parking structures. Asks the Experts I AM EXPECTED TO MAKE PRESENTATIONS, HOW DO I GET OVER MY NERVES? “You should have a similar outlook to that of an Olympic sprinter. As he waits for the bang of the starting pistol, he focuses only on what he needs to do to complete his first step,” said Graham Davies, author of The Presentation Coach and speaker coach to business leaders, who notes that too many people try to remember the whole presentation. Graham Jones HOW DO I GET MORE BUSINESS FROM PEOPLE VISITING MY WEBSITE? Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist, says the first thing to remember is that “people spend seconds on a Web page compared to a written document in their hands, and this means that your website needs to focus on a tiny, narrow audience.” So if a person is looking for a planner, they may be wanting to know if the planner specializes in meetings for 500 or 5,000 people. Does this mean a separate website would be needed for each narrow audience, or would a separate page suffice? Jones says that would depend on who you’re targeting and how much business you do. If you specialize in meetings for under 500 people, then that would most likely be a standalone website. However it is possible to have a separate page within a site for different size events, types of industries, etc. IMEX May 24-26 Frankfurt, Germany IMEX is the essential worldwide exhibition for meetings and incentive travel. In 2010, 3,500 exhibitors from 157 countries representing national and regional tourist offices, major hotel groups, airlines, destination management companies, service providers, trade associations and more participated in the show. More than 3,800 hosted buyers from 60 world markets visited the show in 2010. Graham Davies “In the minutes before you speak, focus on your own first step. Keep repeating your opening two lines in your mind. If you have prepared properly, these lines will be sharp and compelling enough to grab the attention of the audience. If you are focusing all of your thoughts on those few words, your mind does not have the energy to create all the horrible symptoms of fear that get in the way of your oxygen.” HOW DO YOU GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR OWN WAY SO THAT THEY CAN MOVE FORWARD? You have to remember that many people will not change because it takes them out of their comfort zone and there is no compelling reason. This is like the two forces that operate within us. One is out comfort zone and holds us back while the other is our aspirations, desires and ambitions, which attract us. Ask yourself why people are resisting the change. Take the time to see the world they live in and from their perspective. Nobody will deliver what you expect from them if they don’t have the self-confidence to operate at that level of deliverables. Give them role models, show them benefits and play to their emotional needs so that you can create a desire to give it a go. Your job is to create a momentum, and that requires them to take the first step and feel good about it. Hospitalar 2011 May 24-27 São Paulo Last year, the 18th annual fair of products, equipment, services and technology for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, health clinics and medical offices welcomed more than 1,250 exhibitors and 89,000 professional visits. Exhibitors from the hospital and lab equipment, medical technology and emergency, orthopedics and rehabilitation fields are represented. Paul Bridle is an information conceptualizer who has researched effective organizations and the people who lead them for 20 years. He writes and speaks on his research and business trends. Reach him at info@ 21 21

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One + May 2011
Energy of Many
Meeting Design Goes Mobile
Picking Brains
Ask the Experts
Art of Travel
Web Watch
Radical Co-creation
Engagement + Innovation = Wunderbar
Top Spots
The Business of Being Social
Safety in Numbers
Ads, Sponsors and Patrons
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
It’s Getting Better All the Time
Blame It on Rio
Ride Free
Learning How the Brain Learns
Just Face It
Becoming Mindful with Your Meetings
Group Think
The Mesh Meeting
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + May 2011