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THE The Ladies Are Alright YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH On, creating a 30-second pitch is fast and easy. Log into the Buzzuka Pitch Studio and let the site coach you through three easy steps to discover the key facts and passion in your story and make it pitch perfect. INSIDE JOB is a free career community where anyone can find and anonymously share an inside look at jobs and companies. What sets the site apart is that all the information comes from current and former employees, interview candidates and even the companies themselves. FIND BETTER CONFERENCES is a free comprehensive, searchable Web and mobile platform with more than 45,000 global conference listings that help people find, research and connect with conferences that interest them, all integrated with social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. NEW RESEARCH SHOWS THAT WOMEN ARE HAPPIER AT WORK than men. The information is based on more than a year of research and analysis from more than 200,000 company reviews and reveals that overall women outrank men in all factors of career happiness, specifically in areas concerning work-life balance, flexibility with their work schedule, career advancement and job security. CareerBliss—an online career community—analyzed more than 1,600,000 data points from employees evaluating the eight factors that affect work happiness: growth opportunities, compensation, benefits, work-life balance, career advancement, senior management, job security and whether the employee would recommend the company to others. The data showed not only did women rank higher in career happiness than men, but on each of the factors that impact job satisfaction. In addition to their overall career happiness score, CareerBliss also broke out men and women’s happiness scores by city and evaluated if compensation played a factor in overall job satisfaction. The data indicate that money does not necessarily have an effect on career happiness. For example, although the data show women in San Francisco make significantly less than men at US$64,000 year versus $86,000 a year, their happiness ranking is higher. This trend was similar in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Pittsburgh and Houston. “This is consistent with our research revealing that the true driver of career happiness is not salary, but factors like job security, a person’s ability to balance work and home and the camaraderie they share with co-workers,” said Matt Miller, CareerBliss co-founder and chief technology officer. —JASON HENSEL Not only did women rank higher in career happiness than men, but on each of the eight factors that impact job satisfaction. GET TO PROMOTING With more than 20 million people connecting with Facebook Fan Pages every day, it’s a must have for businesses to promote their brands and connect with audiences. At, you can create a great-looking, lead-generating, cost-effective Facebook Business Page. Read more stories at 26 26 one+ 05.11 one+ 05.11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of One + May 2011

One + May 2011
Energy of Many
Meeting Design Goes Mobile
Picking Brains
Ask the Experts
Art of Travel
Web Watch
Radical Co-creation
Engagement + Innovation = Wunderbar
Top Spots
The Business of Being Social
Safety in Numbers
Ads, Sponsors and Patrons
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
It’s Getting Better All the Time
Blame It on Rio
Ride Free
Learning How the Brain Learns
Just Face It
Becoming Mindful with Your Meetings
Group Think
The Mesh Meeting
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + May 2011