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WHO: 12 Cultural Organizations 69 Developers EVENT: Culture Hack Day Jan. 15-16 B Y J E S S I E S TAT E S Culture Hack STEF LEWANDOWSKI DESIGNED A MOBILE APP FOR CULTUREGRID that allows users to search the site’s database of 1.2 million artifacts at 80+ U.K. museums and institutions on the go. He open-sourced the code for the app so that organizations around the world could apply the process to their own archives. Dan Williams found inspiration in a tweet from @beng asking what the best day to visit the Natural History Museum was. He used Foursquare to electronically evaluate when the museum was least crowded. The result: When Should I Visit?, which finds the least busy times to visit London museums, galleries and theaters and offers graphs showing the relative popularity of different days. Becky Stewart created a search function for the Crafts Council U.K., which recently launched a website for the public to post answers to the question, “Why does craft matter?” Now, visitors can click on any word within the 1,000+ responses and receive a new quote with the same word. These innovations were made possible by human connections at Cultural Hack Day, which introduced 12 U.K. cultural orgs to the developers and creative technologists who 36 one+ 05.11 TIM MITCHELL PHOTOGRAPHY (8) > CONNECTIONS >

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One + May 2011
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One + May 2011