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> > R E B OO T Y O U R B R A I N BY JON BRADSHAW << SAFETY IN NUMBERS I’M LUCKY ENOUGH TO LIVE IN THE COSMOPOLITAN, ENGLISH SEASIDE CITY BRIGHTON & HOVE. Fifty miles from London, it’s one of the U.K.’s most popular resorts, and with its pier, promenade and lawns, the seafront is one of the city’s best-known features. I was on the lawns late last summer when I first noticed a line that runs the length of the grass for almost a mile parallel to the beach. It was almost perfectly straight, and yet I was at a loss as to how it had come to be there; it looked as if someone had dragged a heavy sack up and down the same path over and over again until the grass wore away leaving a thin, dry, dusty track. The months came and went, and I thought nothing more of the line until last week when I found myself on the lawn again. This time, I studied it more close- ly, keen to know the origin. The answer came as a multi-colored, Lycra-clad jogger shouted warning that he was coming through. I had to move to avoid colliding with him, as he steadfastly refused to budge from his track, though he could have easily jogged around me. It became clear that while the vast seafront offered any number of options in terms of both route and terrain, a large percentage of joggers chose to take exactly the same path along my line. Perhaps the joggers are jealous of the cyclists whose official lane sits just a few yards away. But my theory is that once one or two runners created a visible, unofficial jogging path, others simply followed suit. It’s the power of social proof. A recent study by Jukka-Pekka Onnela and Felix Reed-Tsochas examines the downloading of 44 one+ 05.11

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One + May 2011
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Blame It on Rio
Ride Free
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One + May 2011