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SHIPPING OUT MESH MEETING BY JESSIE STATES THE Globe Guard. Ship your lanyards overseas in this box. Then, turn it inside out to form a like-new box. The design by sustainable packaging innovator Salazar Packaging Inc. supports multiple uses of the same shipping boxes. The Life Box. Then, send your drapes in this cardboard box. Within the corrugations of each box are hundreds of tree seeds and thousands of friendly mycorrhizal fungi spores. Once you receive whatever is shipped inside, the box can be torn up and planted, and tree seedlings will emerge. ONLINE AND ONSITE HearPlanet. Save some cash and give your delegates a cheap tour of Westminster with HearPlanet apps for iPhone and Android devices. At just US$3.99 an app, HearPlanet turns smart phones into talking tour guides. The app uses geolocation to determine which of its 300,000 landmarks are nearby, so your delegates can tour the area at their leisure with their own personal guides. In our January issue, we brought you The Mesh, a new business model wherein companies use social media, technology, online data and eco-friendly practices to provide customers with goods and services at the exact moment and place they need them—often without the burden of owning them outright. But, you asked, how is that pertinent to me, Ms. Planner, or me, Mr. Procurement? And I am so glad you asked. We started with the city of London and the letter “A” and spent several days combing through every business listed at, searching for meetings-compatible companies and organizations. And while some of the businesses in the directory are a great deal meshier than others, they all follow a similar model of understanding and delivering on customer needs through online social interaction, idea sharing and/or green technology. Here’s what we found. one+ Meet Gatsby. Encourage your attendees to get Gatsby. The mobile application introduces nearby people with shared interests via Facebook or Foursquare. Sign-up takes about 15 seconds. After introductions, users gain access to a Web page with information about their counterparts, and Gatsby sets up a temporary anonymous text relay for sharing messages (without revealing phone numbers). One-2-ten. Get real-time ratings from your delegates with One-2-ten on loca- 88 05.11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of One + May 2011

One + May 2011
Energy of Many
Meeting Design Goes Mobile
Picking Brains
Ask the Experts
Art of Travel
Web Watch
Radical Co-creation
Engagement + Innovation = Wunderbar
Top Spots
The Business of Being Social
Safety in Numbers
Ads, Sponsors and Patrons
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
It’s Getting Better All the Time
Blame It on Rio
Ride Free
Learning How the Brain Learns
Just Face It
Becoming Mindful with Your Meetings
Group Think
The Mesh Meeting
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + May 2011