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IMPRESSIONS Fizzle Avoidance [Re: “Group Think,” May 2011] Sticking with the caveman metaphor: as a person who creates cave paintings in meeting spaces for large tribes, I appreciate this article! Thanks for the reminder that pleasure and power not only want to walk alongside innovation and productivity...but must do so in order to avoid the fizzle factor for projects and initiatives. —Jeannel King EDITOR’S NOTE: We appreciate the feedback on MPI and your magazine, One+. Your ideas and thoughts are important to us. Let us know what you think. E-mail the editorial team at You Tell Us How have you improved teamwork at your company? Tell us about it. Send an e-mail to 12 one+ 06.1 1 >> The value of shaking someone’s hand and looking them in the eye cannot diminish to a value that is thought of as “old school.” It is essential to foster relationships by creating that one-on-one experience. The value of creating that trust is immeasurable. Drinking the Kool-Aid [Re: “The Kitchen Sink,” March/April 2011] I too used to used to believe that Facebook should be for personal relationships only, then I drank the Jim Spellos Kool-Aid and have accepted Facebook as a business tool. I actually use it side by side with LinkedIn, so that I can get the full story on the person—personally and professionally. It IS all about the personal relationship! —Carolyn Davis, CMP Technology is the Frosting [Re: “Survey Says…Face Time Important,” PlusPoint blog] There was a lot of speculation that the new technologies and the bad economy would take away the need for face-to-face meetings and large onsite business events. But we still need to have contact with people. You would not marry someone sight unseen, and in many business relationships you still need to sit in the same room. While the tools we use communicate have changed (and will continue to change), human beings have not. People are experiential, and we need to share real experiences with others to feel that connection with them. —Thom Singer —Lynn Christensen Digital communication options are just that: options. They are the frosting, not the cake. Social networking allows us to relocate old friends and colleagues and, in some instances, meet new people. Are these online “pals” the ones you can call at 3 a.m. if you need a ride to the emergency room? Not in the least. The smart associations and companies know that online meetings have a place. However, they cannot replace face to face or the “you never know” serendipitous events that result. —Susan RoAne There are so many tools these days—you just have to make sure you use the appropriate ones for each audience and use them wisely! (Oh yes, and as the article says, don’t underestimate the time it takes to use social media marketing effectively). —Jan Shaw I agree that while technologies have proven to be efficient, I do not believe them to be totally effective. The opportunities to develop strong trusting relationships are created by reading someone’s body language and sensing where they are going, not where you want them to go. Efficient and innovative technologies may save on costs on one side of the coin, but real, genuine human interaction is the true foundation for solid business relationships. —Jim Jenkins

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One + June 2011
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Paradigm Shifts, Part I
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Tame Social Media Chaos
Meeting Against Meat
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