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THE Up With People “People approach their presentations the same way they do a research paper, and they shouldn’t. Presentations should really be about story and about human-tohuman connection. Even though there’s an otherworldly ability for a human to connect to another human, it all gets left on the table during a presentation.” Thoughts +Leaders What are the biggest trends affecting meetings and events in Mexico? Fernando Cervantes Mondragón Groups and Conventions Director, Cancún CVB The biggest trend affecting the meetings industry in our destination is perception. Mexico is in turmoil at the moment, but everything is taking place in the north part of the country on the border with the U.S. Cancún is in the south region, but people generalize and think that all of Mexico is experiencing challenges. On the other hand, we are seeing a trend of short-term booking, something U.S. meeting planners did not do before. This is good because, at the end of the day, they are booking more business. Despite the challenges, perception numbers are picking up in Cancún for the first time since the H1N1 virus in 2009, due to our new exhibition center, Messe Cancun, which offers more than 300,000 square feet of exhibition space. 22 Eduardo Chaillo, CMP, CMM Executive Director for the Meeting Industry, Mexico Tourism Board Mexico is active in the Sustainability Global Agenda as the host of the COP 16 (the U.N. Summit for Climate Change), which is recognition of the leadership we have shown in balancing the benefits of meetings activity with the environment, people and profit. As for technology, Guadalajara just hosted the International Telecommunications Union summit and was recognized as the Mexican “Silicon Valley.” In our venues all over the country, state-of-theart technology matches perfectly with what meeting planners are asking for. The trend of more but shorter meetings is benefiting our destination due to the fact that we are international, but close and connected to the North American market. In fact, the amount of air seats connecting the U.S. and Canada to Mexico has increased, to more than 35 destinations within Mexico. In a three- or four-hour flight, you can reach a unique, equipped, different, exotic and hospitable meeting destination. Last but not least, the ROI and SMM requirements of the corporate meetings environment match perfectly with our tax agenda. We have no value-added tax for international meetings, ISR deductibility is part of the NAFTA region and we offer tax-free shopping for all attendees, all proving that we are competitive in the global arena. –Nancy Duarte, author of slide:ology and CEO of Duarte Design, during a recent chat at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, California The Great Malaise “Absenteeism is a malaise for British business. With sickness accounting for the lion’s share of absence, the question for employers is what can be done to improve health, morale and motivation. The line between ‘sickie’ and ‘sickness’ can be blurred, with disenchantment at work sometimes exacerbating medical conditions or preventing a speedy return.” –Richard Phelps, HR consulting partner at PwC, in a study that shows absenteeism costs British businesses £32 billion per year Employees Love Green Companies “Our findings show that employees really see the difference when their employer is focused on developing and implementing environmentally conscious policies and practices. Effective green programs and practices may persuade certain employees to join or stay with an organization.” –Neil Crawford, Aon Hewitt’s leader of the Best Employers in Canada study Status Games “The way we interact with and behave around other people is often determined by their social status relative to our own, and therefore information regarding social status is very valuable to us. Interestingly, the value we assign to information about someone’s particular status seems to depend on our own status.” –Caroline Zink, National Institute of Mental Health, in a study on the brain’s response to status cues one+ 06.11

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