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THE Recognizing Individual Excellence By Elaine Pofeldt The past few years have been challenging times for meeting professionals. But the volatile economy didn’t stop the winners of this year’s RISE Awards from finding opportunity, thinking creatively about the future of meetings and giving back to others in the industry. In a One+ exclusive series, we share the strategies for success that enabled these standouts to win MPI’s awards for professional excellence. RISE Awards Presentation Gather with your MPI colleagues to honor recipients of the RISE Awards—Recognizing Industry Success and Excellence—July 24 at The Peabody Orlando during WEC 2011. When registering, be sure to add the complimentary RISE Awards luncheon to your conference package. Audiovisual for the awards event is provided by AVI-SPL. COURTNEY STANLEY YOUNG PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT The recent job market has been daunting for many Gen Y college students around the globe. Courtney Stanley took a proactive approach. The 22-year-old Central Michigan University student invigorated MPI’s campus club by organizing experiential learning opportunities aimed at putting student members on strong footing when they’re ready to start applying for full-time jobs. For example, she arranged for 12 students to do a volunteer stint behind the scenes at the Country Music Awards—and even secured US$3,000 in funding from the university to cover the costs. (See “Meet Country” in the August 2010 issue of One+.) “You have to have things on your resumé that you can talk about that other people can’t,” Stanley explained. Indeed, you’ve got to catch the attention of employers in today’s highly competitive meeting industry. Stanley didn’t stop there. She also increased networking opportunities for members, setting up an exchange program with MPI’s new student club at Michigan State University. Given Stanley’s can-do attitude, it shouldn’t be 24 Stay Tuned Next month, we’ll introduce you to the two other 2011 RISE Awards winners—for Community Achievement in Knowledge and Ideas and Organizational Achievement—and we’ll dig deeper into all of their stories in future issues of One+. a surprise that within four months of becoming president, she expanded the club’s roster tenfold to 60 members. She arranged for every student seeking a minor in event management to become a member of the club automatically. Eager to continue her legacy after graduating this spring, she created a manual for future club leaders to follow, detailing her approach to trip planning and other projects. “Personally, the most important thing in growing a group and pouring my heart and soul into it to watch it get better after I leave,” she said. More award winners on page 26. one+ 06.11

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