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> > TRANSFORM THE WORLD BY TIM SANDERS << GREAT THANKING AFTER MY LAST TRIP, I FOUND TWO THANK-YOU CARDS WAITING FOR ME ON MY OFFICE DESK. One was from a meeting planner, the other from an event sponsor with whom I spent time during the meeting. The event had occurred a few weeks previous, and both parties had been effusive in thanking me for my contributions at the time. “Class acts,” I said to myself as I read them. In our digitized world, thanks often come via email, text or tweet. These methods are fast, convenient and don’t require stamps—or much effort. I admit, I fall prey, issuing thanks into my recipient’s endless stream of incoming information. Problem is, these throwaway thank yous are all-too-often deleted, unread or quickly forgotten. One bureau president I know sends out dozens of thank-you cards each week. He’s also teaching the practice to his son, explaining that being “great at giving thanks” is a personal and professional accomplishment. Recently, I asked him about why he puts out so much effort. “I want my thanks to stand out, be counted and make an impact,” he said. That’s why he’s one of the most respected people I know in the meeting industry. In my latest book, Today We Are Rich: Harnessing The Power Of Total Confidence, I emphasize that people must exercise their gratitude muscle in order to garner the trust of their communities. When we focus our attention on the assistance of others, we are thinking about what we have, not what we lack. The exercise reminds us that we are not alone in our missions. Just the act of scanning our memory banks for reasons to be 44 one+ 06.11

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One + June 2011
Energy of Many
Paradigm Shifts, Part I
Ask the Experts
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Art of Travel
River Mason
Top Spots
Plan It Forward
Great Thanking
Running on Defaults
The New Mobile Workforce
World Wide Open
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Step by Strategic Step
Meeting Rxcitement
Tame Social Media Chaos
Meeting Against Meat
Re-Designed for the New Rules of Engagement
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Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + June 2011