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> > H I G H -T EC H H U M A N I T Y BY DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF << RUNNING ON DEFAULTS WE USUALLY THINK OF DEFAULT SETTINGS AS HAVING TO DO WITH COMPUTER PROGRAMS. They are never perfect—like when Microsoft Word auto-corrects your grammar in preposterous ways—but they are usually good enough for you to get your job done. Default settings work when you are not aiming to do anything particularly special. They’re the way an amateur photographer might leave the automatic presets on a new digital camera—but not the way a professional photographer 46 would approach a shoot. Defaults are for average users. They’re just fine for people who want to use a technology in a casual fashion, and who are okay with average results. While we understand the compromise of defaults when it comes to technology, many of us no longer recognize when we are operating by default in the real world. As a speaker, I am growing concerned about how many organizers are retreating to the safety of defaults. Default venues with default food and default entertainment—even default schedules and topics and speakers: one inspirational mountain climber, one business success, one recognizable TV celebrity or newscaster, so on. Too many organizers I meet one+ 06.11

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One + June 2011
Energy of Many
Paradigm Shifts, Part I
Ask the Experts
Web Watch
Recognizing Individual Excellence
Sound Off
Art of Travel
River Mason
Top Spots
Plan It Forward
Great Thanking
Running on Defaults
The New Mobile Workforce
World Wide Open
Higher Education
Progress Through Technology
Step by Strategic Step
Meeting Rxcitement
Tame Social Media Chaos
Meeting Against Meat
Re-Designed for the New Rules of Engagement
Industry Insights
Your Community
Making a Difference
Until We Meet Again

One + June 2011