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?DI?=>JI Guide to Giving By Carleen Rhodes A new publication—and a new name. MNSIGHTS VOL. 1, ISSUE 1 President and CEO of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners )Give to ? Illustration by Bruce Morser am so pleased to introduce you to MNSights. The name may be familiar to readers of our quarterly newsletter that shared the same name, but everything else—from cover to back page—is new in this inaugural edition. Inside, every inch is filled with information, ideas and resources to help you be smart and efficient in your philanthropy. We want you to be in the know and to use MNSights as your guide to giving. In this issue, we focus on the environment—a quintessential Minnesota topic. We partnered with Philanthropedia to compile information about local organizations known for their highimpact work, and I think the results will broaden your perspective. We’ll similarly tackle other topics in future issues, including workforce development in the spring. Minnesota Along with the new look, you might have noticed the new name behind Philanthropy MNSights: Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. It isn’t a new organization. Rather, it’s a new way for us to talk about our decades of work and hundreds Partners is a more accurate of philanthropic initiatives across the state. Some of you know us by the way to describe names The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation. the sum of our What you might not know is that we are much more than just two foundamany parts. tions. We support private foundations such as the F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation, community-based foundations such as the Hibbing Foundation and Northfield Area Foundation, and innovative nonprofits such as GiveMN. Minnesota Philanthropy Partners is a more accurate way to describe the sum of these many parts. We continue our work through The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation and retain their unique identities—providing the same services and support as always. I hope you enjoy MNSights and get to know us better as Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. Whether you already know us or are new to us, I welcome your readership and your feedback on our new publication and new name. ,What Local the Max -Who Inspires /How to Give Us: Designer John Larsen Mayors Want Smart While Giving Green Kari Ruth Editor in chief Anna Befort Managing editor Mary Mangan Editorial assistant Naomi Pesky Director of marketing and communications Chris Winn Art director Carley Bohnen Project manager Find the digital edition of MNSights at mnsights. Seasons of Need It’s inevitable: Food donations always surge around the holidays, even though recipients need food year-round. But there are some needs that do have strong seasonal ties. A quick look at a few: Winter Cold-weather emergency packs for people confined to their homes Money to help avoid utility shut-offs FA L L I 2011 Youth enrichment programs and extra food when school’s out Back-to-school backpacks and school supplies Home repair and upkeep assistance to help people maintain housing Early spring Summer Fill backpacks with school supplies for maximum impact. Late summer M NSIGHTS Summer/ early fall 2

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MNSights - Fall 2011
Give to the Max
What Local Mayors Want
Who Inspires Us: Designer John Larsen
How to Give Smart While Giving Green

MNSights - Fall 2011