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J>;IJ7J;M;¼H;?D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 What Would Minnesota’s Mayors Do With a $10,000 Charitable Donation? A B ROSEAU C C Jeff Pelowski Roseau I Pop. 2,633 “We got flooded in 2002 and lost about 20 homes along the river, and we’re trying to D develop some of those areas along the river into a park. A $10,000 donation would be a nice addition.” Rick Cannata Hibbing I Pop. 17,071 “Our next step [in budget cuts] would be to eliminate lifeguards on our lakes, but we want to keep things in the city for the children and the community to do. A donation would keep lifeguards on our lakes.” D HIBBING E F R.T. Rybak Minneapolis I Pop. 382,578 “One of the best philanthropic investments in our region is the STEP-UP program, which places youth in high-quality summer jobs. It’s almost entirely privately funded and has served over 14,000 youth so far, 80 percent of whom are young people of color.” F 1 MINNEAPOLIS SAINT PAUL G Chris Coleman Saint Paul I Pop. 285,068 “I would hope to use the donation for education, whether by funding technology for our libraries or creating more out-of-school-time programs in our city.” 1 FA L L I 2011 H Mary Rossing Northfield I Pop. 20,007 “We’re always looking for additional funds for our snow budget and maintaining the ice-skating rinks in the parks. And fixing potholes in the spring—we had our pothole budget shot by the end of May last year.” G NORTHFIELD H M NSIGHTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6

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MNSights - Fall 2011
Give to the Max
What Local Mayors Want
Who Inspires Us: Designer John Larsen
How to Give Smart While Giving Green

MNSights - Fall 2011