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2011 ABO OFFICERS & BOARD OF DIRECTORS *President Jerome Belson *Co-Chairmen Michael Kerr Arnold Sollar contents SPRING 2011 *Executive Vice-President Alan Friedberg Richard Lefrak Thomas Osterman Donald J. Trump Jeffrey Gural Leonard Litwin Stephen Ross Fred Wilpon Gary Jacob Daniel Z. Nelson Robert Selsam Donald Zucker Laurie Zucker *Board of Governors Adrienne Albert Martin Goodstein Jeffrey Levine Eugene Webb Donald Capoccia Steven Goodstein Lisa Levy Joann G. Wellner Joseph D. Ciampa Jr. Peter Kalikow Robert Trump Peter L. DiCapua David Kuperberg Charles Urstadt *Vice President Paul Boccardi Michael Lazar Louis Romano Robert Borg Christopher Durnan Lawrence Laikin Avery B. Seavey Greg Carlson Vincent Giffuni Bernard Livingston Lawrence R. Vitelli Joseph “Joe Dee” Dussich, Jr. Treasurer *Jack Mollin General Counsel *Charles Dimaggio Secretary *Sherry Frankel Honorary Directors — Stanley Berman — Aaron Gural Jack Parker Sheldon H. Solow Dominick Ciampa — Harry Helmsley — William Potter Bernard Spitzer — Irving Dominitch — Leona Helmsley Daniel Rose — Fred Trump Paul Durnan — Samuel Lefrak Philip Rosen — Albert Walsh — Andrew Giffuni George Meyer — Philip J. Rudd — Herbert Warshavsky — Anthony Gliedman Paul Milstein Richard Scheuer — Walter C. Goldstein — Maurice S. Paprin — Harvey W. Schultz Directors Peter Alizio Georgia Malone John Bennardo Mark Perlbinder Jeff T. Blau Morton Pickman Frank Delucia Michelle Rockmore Henry Dubro Carla Romita Elaine Sollar Eisen Andrew Rosenwach John Frezza Maryann Rothman Edward Kalikow Fredrick Rudd Paul Korngold M.Clint Taylor Matthew Laporte Robert Vaccarello Bill Lerner Lee Wasserman Lawrence J. Levine feature Vision 2020: Redeveloping NYC’s Waterfront 9 articles A Letter from the Executive Director 7 8 In Memoriam: Nick LaPorte Remembered Built to Last 13 16 17 Choosing the Right Material for Your Building ABO Industry News Update: The urbancanvas Pilot Program New Rules for “Cool” Rooftops BuildingsNY/GreenBuildingsNY: departments Index of Advertisers/Advertisers Dot Com 18 ABO Developments is published quarterly for The Associated Builders & Owners of Greater New York, Inc., 80 Maiden Lane, Suite 1503, New York, NY 10038 Tel: 212.385.4949, Fax: 212.385.1442, E-mail: associatedbuilders@abogny.com, Web: www.abogny.com, Naylor, LLC, ABO Managing Editor: Dan Margulies, Published by: 5950 NW First Place, Gainesville, FL 32607, Tel: 352.332.1252, 800.369.6220, Fax: 352.331.3525, Web: www.naylor.com, Publisher: Mark V. Milgliore, Editor: Cathy Jones, Publication Director: Heather Ciocca, Marketing: Kent Agramonte, Sales Administrator: Alex Rodriguez, Advertising Team: George Baldwin, Keisha Beard, Lou Brandow, Janet Frank, Shaun Greyling, Bill Lovett, Scott Pauquette, Chris Zabal, Art Direction: Ravijot Singh, Design Lead: Jatin Arora, Layout & Design: Surendra Gupta, Advertising Art: Elaine Connell ©2010 Naylor, LLC. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. PUBLISHED JUNE 2011/ABO-Q0211/5553 Executive Director Dan Margulies * Executive Committee — Deceased Spring 2011 | 5 http://www.abogny.com http://www.naylor.com http://www.naylor.com

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ABO Developments - Spring 2011
A Letter from the Executive Director
In Memoriam: Nick LaPorte Remembered
Vision 2020: Redeveloping NYC's Waterfront
Built to Last
ABO Industry News Update
Index of Advertisers/Advertisers Dot Com

ABO Developments - Spring 2011