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Internet 101 for Building Owners Taking Charge of Your Online Presence In the Age of Transparency BY S T E V E C U T L ER W 12 Facebook, which has over 800 million active users, or LinkedIn with 130 million. With one mouse click, a facile remark “is suddenly broadcast to hundreds of people,” says ABO member Don Tallerman, president of Online Marketing Group. Whether criticism or praise, it’s out there. And sometimes it gets personal. Owners and developers, especially multi-generational family-owned businesses, have typically preferred to stay behind the scenes, letting their buildings or their corporate brand speak for themselves. But the days of hiding behind the curtain are quickly fading. “You can’t hide anymore,” says Tallerman. “Data is everywhere and people have access to you, your company, your building, your personal history.” Online Marketing’s VP Ilana Schwartz, adds, “The company used to manage their brand. Now with all these different channels of online and mobile, consumers actually control the brand.” There is only one effective way to protect your property’s reputation and your company’s good name in cyberspace: “You have to go out there and see who is saying what about you,” advises Jennefer Witter, president of The Boreland Group, a public relations firm, “and then immediately counter any false allegations loudly and clearly.” It’s almost impossible to follow and react to all the noise online, “but you can counter some of that by having a very positive yet credible social media presence,” adds Witter. “Owners should be creative about where to make themselves visible,” says Tallerman. “They should control the quality of the information about their property on the Internet.” ho are these people and why are they saying these terrible things about you? • This is the worst management company in the city. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! • Paper thin walls and floors. My roommate could literally hear everything the people next door were saying. • During the day there is a horrid woman running the front desk. She won’t make your life easier — in fact she will go out of her way to make it harder. Ouch. These actual comments, a sampling of those posted about apartment buildings in New York on popular ratings sites, cannot be good for business. What you don’t know about the Internet CAN hurt you. There is no way to control what people say about you or your building in their posts on StreetEasy, Curbed, TheRealDeal or social media such as For Owners Only With the proliferation of “scraping” sites on the Internet, which publish listings they copy off other sites, it’s close to impossible to monitor the accuracy of the information or quality of the pictures floating around the Internet regarding your property. UrbanEdge, a free site run by the Online Marketing Group, gives owners a place where they control the content of | A B O D E V E L O P ME NTS • www.abogny.com http://www.abogny.com

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ABO Developments - Spring 2012