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Designing a Building You Can Manage T hose who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them – and waste tons of cash. Aimed at helping builders get it right the first time, a special panel hosted by Executive Director Dan Margulies on February 16 brought together two of the most experienced developers and managers in New York to discuss mistakes they’ve seen builders make and their prescriptions for what works in multi-family residential building design. Zachary Kerr, President of M&R Management, is the head of a third-generation family-owned business that owns and operates approximately 1000 units in 17 low-rise elevator buildings in South Brooklyn. “Every property we built and own are the properties we manage today,” Kerr told ABO members at the morning meeting. Marc Kotler is VP of the New Development Division of Cooper Square Reality, which opens and manages new and young — three to five-year-old — properties. Over the past nine years the division has opened more than 40 properties, including the newly renovated Plaza and such high profile new buildings as New York by Gehry, Armani Casa, One Morton Square and One Pine Street. have a long lobby you’re going to need weather mats and places to store them.” In other words, according to Kerr, “in new construction you need an operational consultant from the beginning, so when you’re handed the keys at the end you have an idea of what you are moving forward with.” And don’t leave the layout of the building solely to the marketing group. “They help you figure out the number of one bedrooms, two-bedrooms and studios,” said Kerr, “but they don’t tell you that it is a lot more difficult to maintain a hallway which has 100 linear feet than a hallway that has 50 linear feet.” Do You Need a Boiler? “One of the biggest issues I contend with over the course of the year is heating,” reported Kerr, “and one of the costs of heating is the boiler. With the boiler comes compliance, maintenance and aggravation and tenant complaints. And 311 does not help the situation: Bloomberg has made it very easy for tenants to complain.” When planning a 55-unit mixed-use facility M&R completed in Brooklyn recently, “the first thing I said to the mechanical engineer and architect was,” recalled Kerr, “‘I don’t want a boiler.’ They said to me, ‘you’re an idiot.’” First Things First: It Takes a Team According to Kotler, “The best buildings are those where the development team took the time before putting the shovel in the ground to plan how the building will function and operate in today’s world.” And the plan should not be left exclusively to the architect. Even the best architects can be shortsighted when it comes to operational details. For example, said Kotler, “they don’t know what size package room should be at the front desk or that if you Spring 2012 | 15 http://www.naylornetwork.com/abo-nxt/

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ABO Developments - Spring 2012