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Revitalized RAM Program Gets New Membership Coordinator R AM (Registered in Apartment Management), already renown as the leading nationally recognized certification program for apartment managers, just got better. “We are very happy to have brought in a full time membership coordinator, Olga Chernomorets, for the RAM program,” said ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies. “Of the 300 applications for membership coordinator, Olga stood head and shoulders above the rest.” Fall 2011 RAM Class ABO is sponsoring a New York City RAM class this fall. The 15-week certification class will be held Wednesday evenings, commencing September 7. Anyone interested in taking the class should contact Olga Chernomorets in the ABO office. As part of ABO’s revitalized commitment to RAM, a new website has been launched at www.registeredmanager.com. The site offers information on every aspect of the program, schedules and applications for all classes. In more news on the RAM program, Greg Carlson, principal of Carlson Realty and executive director of The Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums, was elected national chairman of the RAM board of governors. Carlson is one of the nation’s leading managers of cooperative and condominium housing. ● RAM membership coordinator Olga Chernomorets. Brought on board May 31, in her first two weeks alone Chernomorets sent out invoices for all uncollected dues — an essential step to ensuring the financial stability and growth of the program. The task involved updating the list of the more than 2,080 graduates of the program over the last 10 years to identify current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Beyond collecting past dues, locating graduates of the program allows RAM to alert them to the career-building opportunities continued membership provides. “The goal is to reach out to everyone in the program,” said Chernomorets, “to let them know that RAM is moving forward and we have new goals.” One goal is to expand the networking opportunities. “We want to get more people to show up to events, where they can interact with builders and contractors and suppliers.” Also, added Chernomorets, “we want to elicit any questions they may have on renewing their membership or furthering their education” — and to remind them of an essential element of the program: They need continuing education credits every three years to keep their certifications current. “It’s very important for us to get through to everybody to make sure they are keeping up with their education,” said Chernomorets. ABO is spo nsoring a New York C ity RAM cla ss this fall. Th e 15-week certification class will be held Wedne sday evenin gs, commencin g Septembe r 7. Anyone int erested in t aking the class sh ould contac t Olga Chern omorets in the ABO office . Summer 2011 | 13 http://www.registeredmanager.com

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Revitalized RAM Program Gets New Membership Coordinator
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ABO Developments - Summer 2011