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Solar panels usually come to mind first when thinking about energy efficiency technology. Zone GREEN The New Zoning Regulations N 6 BY S T E V E N C U T L E R façade and extend out up to two and a half feet; mount wind turbines on rooftops rising up to 55 feet above the roof on buildings taller than 100 feet or those that sit on the waterfront; lay green roofs, recreational decks and other stormwater retention systems and skylights anywhere below the parapet, regardless of building height; build green houses on roofs of nonresidential buildings, up to 25 feet high and set back six feet from the roof edge; install boilers and exhaust systems on rooftops; • add up to eight inches of thickness to exterior walls without adding to the building’s maximum footprint. So far property owners have not been in any rush to install green technology beyond compact light bulbs. Will the new legislation drive builders to start slapping sun panels and windmills onto their buildings? Not likely — not until the government and power companies offer more generous fi nancial assistance. “Aside from light bulbs and building management systems,” observes ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies, “I haven’t come across a high tech green upgrade that makes economic sense ewly adopted “Zone Green” zoning changes allow developers and owners to equip new and existing properties with energy efficient systems like solar panels, wind turbines and green roofs. Variances to the building code are no longer needed to: • place solar panels on flat roofs anywhere below the parapet on buildings of any height and on sloping roofs up to 18 inches high; • install sun control awnings and shades or shutters on building walls to cover up to 30 percent of the | A B O D E V E L O P ME NTS • www.abogny.com • • • • http://www.abogny.com

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A Message from ABO Executive Director Dan Margulies
Zone Green The New Zoning Regulations
BuildingsNY 2012 A Spectacular Success
Profi le of a Project Nothing is Simple about Building in New York
Red Cross Programs for Owners and Builders Prepare Your Building for Emergencies
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ABO Developments - Summer 2012